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I was sitting with Harry, Ron, and Hermione at the Gryffindor table before the match. Madame Pomfrey had just released me from the hospital wing, leaving with only a few bruises on my thighs. Harry had gotten a bloody broomstick, and didn't even tell me! Ah well, I guess.

"I'm not hungry," Harry persisted. Yeah, right! Harry Potter is ALWAYS hungry!

"Ron's right, Harry, you're going to need your strength for today," Hermione argued. Harry shook his head and I got an idea. Harry is VERY ticklish. I tickled him with one hand and grabbed a piece of French toast with the other. He opened his mouth to laugh, but closed it once I'd shoved the food in his mouth. He glared at me, but swallowed anyway.

"You're always hungry. Plus, I get what I want," I smirked as he scowled. Snape hobbled over.

"Good luck today, Potter, Cason. Though, since you've beaten a troll a bit of Quidditch and a show should be easy work for you. Even if it is against Slytherin, Potter. And in front of the entire school and the governors of the ministry, Cason," Snape smirked in his annoying monotone and limped off. Wait, limped?

"That explains the blood," Harry observed in a whisper.

"Blood?" Hermione asked worriedly. Harry leant over the table with urgency in his eyes.

"So, last night I'm guessing Snape let the troll in to distract the teachers so he could try to get past that three headed dog," he whispered. I didn't really agree with his theory. I mean, the dog is actually kind of friendly. "But he got himself bitten. That's why he's limping!"

"But who would go near that dog?" Ron asked. ME!

"The night I went to Gringotts, Hagrid took something out of the vaults. Said it was Hogwarts' business. Very secret," Harry answered. I slapped him on the back of the head.

"What part of 'secret' don't you understand?!" I hissed. Harry waved me off.

"So, that's what the dog's guarding, what Snape wants!" Harry concluded. I disagreed with every bit of this theory, that Snape was trying to rob Dumbledore.

"Don't you think it would be someone who we wouldn't suspect? I mean, yeah Snape's a prick and all, but if he was going to steal somethin' wouldn't he put on a good guy act?" I reasoned.

"That's also why he wouldn't!" Ron argued. I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to understand. "Everyone suspects the people that no one would suspect. So, if he doesn't put on the act, people won't suspect it's him because it's always the person we wouldn't think it is!"

"Human words?" I requested.

"Snape is not acting like a good guy, because everyone thinks it's the person who acts like he's on our side. So, if Snape doesn't put on an act, no one will think it's him," Hermione elaborated.

"I see your point, but I still don't think Snape would do that. Honestly, I suspect Quirell. Seems a bit fishy if you ask me.",The trio looked at me like I was crazy and I left. I had to get ready to sing. Oh, Merlin, I have to sing! I haven't even practiced yet, and what Snape said is really getting to me.


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