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Alicia Spinnet took the quaffle, to be taken by Marcus Flint. Angelina Johnson took the quaffle as Fred shot a bludger at Flint. The Slytherin beater shot a bludger at Fred, who in turn got knocked out of the air by a bludger shot by George. Angelina passed the quaffle to Katie who scored! A Slytherin Chaser took the quaffle and a bludger hit Katie in the broom and the same bludger nearly took Harry's head off. Gryffindor scored another thirty points before Flint took the beater's bat and knocked Oliver out of the sky. Slytherin scored twenty points before Harry saw the snitch. He dove down, his scarlet Quidditch robes flying behind him, and followed the snitch. The golden ball looped. He looped. It went under the stands. So did he. It went up. He almost caught the snitch, when something went very VERY wrong. His Nimbus started trying to buck him off!

"Wahs goin on wih Arry's broomstick?" Hagrid called. I didn't know, nor did I care at the moment. My only thought was to save my best friend. I waved my hand towards the Black Lake and two strands of water were at my command. That was enough. I made the water wrap around Harry's hands and keep them firmly on the broom. He would still be able to move them so he didn't break anything, but they were pretty much anchored to the Nimbus.

"Hermione, know how to help?" I asked, trying to keep my focus on the water. The bushy haired girl I've come to love as family took the binoculars from Hagrid and looked around. She gasped and said that Snape was doing it! "Jinxing the broom?!" I asked. "What do we do? I can't hold this for much longer!"

"Leave it to me!" Hermione said and ran off. I was trying very hard to keep Harry on his broom, but I was losing my grip and so was he. I lost my grip on one hand and his grip slipped. I focused all of my energy on keeping his other hand on the broom. I heard a commotion on the other side of the pitch, and Harry was back on his broom. I sighed and laid back in my seat as Harry did a nose dive to the snitch. The other seeker and him started playing bumper brooms until Slytherin's seeker pulled out of the dive. Wimp! Harry pulled up an inch above the ground and stood on his broom, hand outstretched. He stepped forward and almost had the snitch. Then his broom flipped. Harry tumbled on the ground and I was about to jump from the stands and run to him, but he got back up. He lurched, looking like he was going to be sick, and I closed my eyes. When I opened them, he had the snitch!

"Harry Potter has caught the golden snitch, earning an extra 150 points. Gryffindor wins!" Lee said, the happiness clear in his voice. I ran down from the stands to Harry and tackled him in a hug.

"Are you okay?" I asked once I pulled back.

"We won! I couldn't be happier!" He smiled and picked me up on his shoulders. I started laughing at him. I couldn't be any happier than right now. Gryffindor won, and my best friend is the reason.


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