ByKenny Hamilton, writer at
But it def. Isn't him. And as far as not seeing enough walkers I understand why that is always such a concern. Even in it is a common point of conversation. "They don't have enough walkers," "we need me zombies." The show is about a group of people entering into a situation that the world isn't prepared to handle. It is about them realizing that the way they lived their lives, the rules that use to apply, have all changed. The world has changed. Its about character struggles, relationships, survival. Walkers are the reason that these things have happened but it isn't what the show is about. The walkers add danger, they add fear and they add suspense. But the reason we all watch and love these shows is because of how, with so many different characters, there is a personality we can all relate too. All of these characters started off as normal people in situations many of us can relate to, and we watched them change and adapt to a new world, to a new life. Don't get me wrong, Greg nicotero and the gang do amazing work and I love a good rotting corpse. But many times my favorite episodes are the ones where the character relationships are the main focus, the ones where we see the internal battles of the characters manifest themselves into physical battles, verbal confrontations. The ones where we see the toll survival takes on our favorite characters. Those episodes are what allows to be such a success and last for so long. If it were only about walkers we should just have them stick a go pro on one's head and let us watch a walker walk around town all day chomping on people. (Which, in all honesty, I would probably watch lol) Just my two cents though!

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