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I woke up on something soft and squishy, but spiky and stirring at the same time. I sat up, groping for my wand. I finally found it. "Lumos," I whispered. My wand tip lit up and I raised it high. I was surrounded in a pool of light, and I could faintly see everything. I was lying in a plant thing! Unlike Quirrell, I didn't have the plant wrapping around me. I stood up and put my wand light out, deciding that it would be best for my survival to remain unseen. I hear Quirrell grunt and struggle. I supposed that this plant is like quick sand, struggling only makes it worse. I suppose Quirrell got free or died because the grunts stopped. He had escaped. He lit up his own wand with malice in every feature.

"Asssssssssssk the girl," a voice hissed. What the heck is that voice?! It came from Quirrell, but he hadn't moved his lips. "How do we get through?" Quirrell demanded.

"I dunno!" I said indignantly, crossing my scarred arms across my chest. My robes were torn and filthy!

"You have Earth powers! How can you not know how to get past this?" He shouted.

"I don't know! I don't pay attention in herbology and I haven't even started earth!" I argued, my hair too dirty to change. I was going to be absolutely stubborn with this ba-----. If I gave any information, something very bad would surely happen. Quirrell made his way over to me and, you'll never believe what he did, he fracking jack slapped me! "I really don't know how to get past this!" I snarled, holding my cheek. This old geezer has a strong backhand!

"Use accidental magic! Do something!" He demanded angrily. I was going to annoy the living daylights out of this idiot! I smirked and started doing the chicken dance. He said 'something', didn't specify what. He slapped me AGAIN! "You know how!" Quirrell accused.

"No, I don't!" I returned angrily. Slapped again. "I'm telling you, I don't know how to get past this, or even the what the heck it is!" I said gravely, trying to ignore the fact that half of my face had gone numb.

"Do not lie to me, you insolent b----!" Quirrell crossed the line. I flared up.

"You listen here, you incompetent ba-----! I haven't a f---ing clue as to how the h--- to get past this God d--- thing and even if I did, I wouldn't f---ing tell you!" I shouted angrily, my eyes glowing red.

"I think that'sssssss enough for today," that raspy voice said. "Tell anyone of this little affair and I will torture you into madness! Then I will kill your friends," Quirrell threatened. It wasn't an empty threat, though. He was dead sirius! (Anyone else catch that?) I nodded, and Quirrell raised his wand. I was out like a light.


I haven't seen Lexia in two days! I'm starting to get worried. I couldn't dwell on it too much, for Hermione dragged me to class. DADA to be exact. Quirrell's a bit of a joke if you ask me. I doubt someone that shy could have taken on a few vampires in Romania! Oh well, I have to go anyway. My bushy haired friend pulled me to the garlic filled classroom. He was teaching us about how take down a centaur, without causing them pain. I didn't listen because it was hard to hear over his stuttering. How could this man possibly even think of stealing from Dumbledore! He can barely steal from his own wallet!


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