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A week later Madame Pomfrey allowed me to leave the hospital and it was Thursday after classes. Yay! My hair was pink to my hips and my eyes were blue. I wanted bubble gum, okay?! Anyway, I skipped down to the Black Lake, my black robes blowing behind me. I waved to anyone and everyone, besides Quirrell. He got the middle finger, to which he looked shocked that I would ever insult such an innocent teacher with that! Poser! I may not have the bruises to prove it, but he was an evil bildrat! There I ran into Esther. Not like, I saw her, but I actually ran into her and we both fell over. "AGAIN?" She sighed as I pulled her up.

"Sorry, Esther!" I scowled at myself. That's the second time I've run into her and the second time I've seen her! "Wanna sit and talk?" I asked eagerly. She shook her head and tried to walk away, but I stopped her. "No way. Me and you are goin' to play Truth or Dare," I said and pulled her under the beach tree. "Okay, now before we start I want you to understand one thing, I am forcin' you to play," I said sternly. The Gryffindorian nodded. (That's a word I've always wanted to put out there!) "Okay, truth or dare?" I asked her.

"Truth," she answered after some thought, twirling one of her highlights in her fingers. I nodded and thought for a second. I was going to have to give her a question that answering involved more than a couple words.

"Why are you so shy?" I asked after some thought. Esther looked shocked, but she answered none the less.

"Every time I get close to someone, I lose them. My parents are never there anymore, my best friend moved to the states, everyone I thought were my friends turned their backs on me," she answered. I felt like that sometimes, but I never let it affect me so as not to make friends.

"I'm your friend, and I'm not goin' anywhere," I assured her. I could see her chocolate brown eyes light up, almost as though she had opened the imaginary door that kept her in near silent mode. I picked a good question. "Your go," I said, trying to get back to the game.

"Okay. Truth or dare?" Esther asked confidently. I liked this change and I was glad that I had caused it.

"Dare," I said immediately. I was a dare devil so I rarely ever picked truth. Esther smirked at me, and I ALMOST regretted my choice.

"I dare you to kiss your crush," she smiled evilly. I was taken aback. There's no way she meant snogging, right? We're only eleven! "You don't have to snog him," Esther explained, seeing my expression.

"Good. I'll only kiss him on the cheek, though. I usually do any dare, but this is just weird," I stood up and brushed my robes off. Esther nodded, regained her shy attitude, and followed me to Gryffindor Tower.

"Caput Draconis," Esther told the portrait of the fat lady. She nodded and swung aside to let us in. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I stepped inside. Sure, I've kissed him before, but through a dare it just felt wrong. Like I was just using him. I shook the feeling and made my way over to him on the couch.

"Hiya, Harry," I greeted nervously. He was with Ron and Hermione which just added to my feeling of awkwardness. His head jerked up from the book he'd had been reading and looked around for me. His emerald eyes shone through his glasses as he saw me.

"Lex, you're back!" He smiled and jumped off the couch. He hugged me tight and I returned it.

"I've only been gone a week!" I laughed. He pulled back and stared into my eyes. God, why does he do this?!

"A week that I've had to deal with those two arguing like a married couple by myself," he said gravely as he looked to see Ron and Hermione bickering.

"I'll bet my head that they end up an old married couple," I said, just loud enough for them to hear. Ron's ears went red, and Hermione blushed as they both shut up. "Anyway, that's not why I'm here," I said as I saw Esther telling me to go on. Harry nodded. I stood up on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek. He blushed bright red, just like the other times I had done it. "That was a dare," I explained.

"Oh," Harry said with a tone in his voice. Disappointment?! I kissed his other cheek, both of us scarlet now.

"That one wasn't. Let's go, Esthy!" I called and skipped put of the portrait hole. She followed without hesitation. Once the portrait closed, she turned all happy again.

"You fancy Harry Potter?!" She squealed.

"Say it again, I don't think that the dragons in Romania heard you," I scowled.

"Don't worry, dearie, they can't hear you," the portrait assured. I nodded and Esther and I went back to our game. Turns out, she thinks George is cute! I asked about Fred, but she said that George has a mischief in his eyes that Fred doesn't. Why do the good girls fall for the bad boys? Why, world?!?!?!?!


Later I made a bet with the twins. They said I couldn't prank the most strict person in this school without being expelled. McGonnagle, here I come! I've got three galleons on this!


A/N: Sorry that this isn't the best chapter, but I already have the next one written out and I'm just waiting to post it. But, I can't post until @chopinssonata1849 gets to Yule Ball in The Girl Who Lived. Later, and sorry for the boring filler!

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