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"You still," Fred began as he and George walked beside me to History of Magic.

"Haven't pranked," George continued.

"McGonnagle," they finished in unison. They really bugged me when they did this.

"I'll get to it!" I told them. It's been a couple weeks since the bet, but they have been all over me about it! "The more you ask about it the longer it'll take more me to do it!" I snapped. Actually, it was nearly Christmas now! The holidays were staring tomorrow! I was very excited about it! I rushed ahead of them as the bell rang and plopped down in my seat just as Professor Binns, a ghost, floated through the chalkboard.

"In first century England, a battle broke out between the goblins and house elves," Binns droned on. It was five seconds into the castle and everyone besides Mione and I were asleep already! I raised my hand, something only I did in this class. "Miss Cason?" Binns called on me.

"Sir, how important will this information be to the upcomin' exams?" I asked. Binns said that this goblin/elf war would be about half of the exam! "Might I try to teach today?" I requested shyly. Panama Patil, a Ravenclaw girl right next to me, jerked awake as I asked this, staring hopefully at Binns. After some thought, Binns decided to allow it because he had grading he needed to attend to in the staff room. I smiled and bounced up to dead teacher as he handed me the flash cards with the lesson. I thanked him and he floated out of the room. Let's have some fun! "Wake up you sorry lumps! I'm teachin' today!" I shouted. The class jerked their heads up and glanced around the room. When they saw me, they relaxed. A Ravenclaw's hand when up. "Yes, Miss Cherri?" I asked.

"Professor Cason, how is this lesson going to work?" Cherri asked. Professor Cason? I like that!

"Let's just say, this is goin' to be fun," I smirked and drew my wand. I read the cards, ordered them, scratched out some things, and cast a spell. A golden ribbon appeared with blue letters. "Follow along!" I smiled and gestured for everyone to stand. "In England back in the first century, we were at war. Goblins against the house elves we know," I sang, the class following. "Padma, next line!" I called. The Indian girl jumped, but did as she was told. She actually sounded angelic!

"The losers were told to serve those who had caused the dangerous battle," she sang sweetly. I smiled and called Neville to sing. He stuttered a bit, but did fairly well.

"The humans that had walked the earth," he sung, following the blazing blue letters. I called on Hermione.

"Were the cause of the out burrrrrrrrrrst," Mione sang gorgeously. I think I saw Ron stare at her! ;)

"Ron," I called. Ron paled, gulped, but tried.

"After a fewwwwwww bloody yearrrrrrrrs," he sang, holding when the ribbon told him to. Harry snickered. I called him next. His eyes widened in surprise, but did as he was told.

"The goblins had discovered the trolls, and used them to help their side of the battlefield," he sang uncertainty. I purposely have him the longer line.

"Wonderful! Parvati!" I called.

"As their nummmmmbbbbbbberrrrrrrrssss diiiiiiied away," she sang beautifully, just like her sister. I called Lavender next.

"The house elves, eventually threw their hhhhhhhaaaaaaannnnnnnnddddssss up in surrender," she was a bit pitchy. I hid my grimace and continued calling around the room. After everyone had sung once I made the entire class sing the last two lines. It was fun hearing their voices! We finished about twenty minutes earlier than usual, so we had a half hour before the class was dismissed.

"Great job, guys!" I praised. "Now, the last thirty minutes, I want you to either work on homework or take notes. If you'd like notes, but have a lot of homework, I have the lyrics up here," I gestured to a stack of papers. I had used a quick quotes quill to copy the song and the Gemino charm to make enough copies for the class. They began scribbling furiously on their parchments and several came and took the pages. I felt good as I took my seat between Padma and Harry.

He opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him off before he could. "Yes, I purposely gave you the longest line. Mostly because you actually can sing, but also because you found the whole thing funny," I answered his un-asked question as I began to work on my essay for Herbology.


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