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I left the, now pink, office and a fuming Gryffindor Head of house. I wonder how she didn't see me, though. Probably a new power that I need to discover. I shrugged and continued walking to Ravenclaw Tower. As I reached the stairs, however, something caught my eye. It was a golden chain with three rings, two of which seemed to spin. My Ravenclaw curiosity beat my Hufflepuff loyalty and I ended up taking the necklace. For.......academic purposes. Yeah.......that's the ticket! I climbed the stairs to the Ravenclaw common room. "What has four legs in the morning, two at midday, and three at night?" The Gargoyle, that I call Cricket, asked. Don't ask why I call him that, though.

"A person," I answered after some thought. Day=infancy, midday=childhood/adulthood, night=senior years. Cricket nodded and leapt to the side, admitting me into the blue and bronze common room. I skipped the pleasantries of my housemates and bolted directly to my dorm, putting the necklace on. I locked the door, locking out Cher and Kay. Oops? I sat on the narrow window ledge and opened the square window. I put my feet up and began turning the second ring unconsciously. My roomies pounded on the white door, shaking the walls. Which, in turn, shook me. The shaking stopped just as I was a out to fall out of the window and the door opened. I forgot, Kay can picklock. Cher walked in, followed by Kay who, literally, slammed the door behind her. It shook the walls, hard, and made me tumble out of the window. I was going to die. I just realized; I am so clumsy and so thick! I fumbled around in my robes for my wand and finally found it. "Multipius," I cast, hoping beyond hope that my homemade spell would work. If it did, seven me's would be waiting to catch me with a spell. Most likely a water spell, because it's easiest. I looked down, empty courtyard. Ah chiz! I shut my eyes tightly, my hand wrapping around the necklace, and then I felt my legs hit hard ground.


I gasped at the sight of my clothes. They weren't ripped or blood stained, as I had expected, but it was a dress! A red dress that was tight to my thighs, and cascaded out into small ruffles to my knees. At the sweetheart neckline the dress was a hot pink and faded out to a scarlet at the bottom. The tight bodice was embellished with silver studs. The outfit didn't feel very modest, considering I was eleven, but as I looked up to the girl in front of me it seemed more appropriate. It wasn't that she was dressed like a slag or anything, but she was dressed up too. Hold on a sec! I pulled a small hand mirror out of my bag, that I keep forgetting about, and opened it. I looked at my reflection and gasped. I looked fourteen! I had brown hair to my elbows that was dip dyed in teal and my eyes were blue. I had on eye shadow that faded from white closest to my nose, then to light pink, to normal pink, to hot pink. I had a light tan blush and pink lipstick. My scar wasn't covered at all. Plus, I didn't even have my glasses! I saw them on the ground and bent to pick them up, getting a good look at my shoes now. They weren't very glamorous, just silver wedges. Thank Merlin! I can't walk in heels to save my life! I looked back up to the girl, staring at me with a very shocked expression.

"How did you do that?" She gasped, her blue eyes darting from the ceiling to me. I asked what she meant. "You just fell from the ceiling!" She explained, eyes wide. She had worn out black hair to her shoulders that contrasted quite nicely with her pale skin, she looked as if she had been beaten; but still she smiled, had on purple eye shadow, no lipstick, a very light blush so she didn't seem caked in makeup, and crystal blue eyes with makeup on her water line. She wore a floor length purple dress with a silver belt, silver heels, and a silver bracelet that hid her forearm. I wondered what she was hiding, but I didn't say anything on the subject. I gave the girl a confused shrug and I put on my glasses. "Well, this is Hogwarts, strange things happen. Anyway, I'm Scarlet Weasley," the girl said, dropping the subject.

"Alexia Cason," I responded, shaking the pale hand she offered me. Scarlet looked shocked, then opened her mouth to say something, but I beat her to it. "What is today?" I asked, feeling like a looser. Duh! I didn't look up! I looked around the Entrance Hall and saw Christmas decorations everywhere. The floor was the normal, tan marble, but the ceiling was lined with strings of holly, mistletoe was placed here and there, and wreaths were placed on the torch brackets. I could hear Peeves singing a few lines down a few corridors. TWENTY FIVE MINUTES

"Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree. Uh........Falalalallalal!" I heard a knight sing, forgetting the lyrics and changing mid song.

"Don we now our gay apparel, h***h***h-h***h***h***!" Peeves sang. Naughty poltergeist!

"Christmas Eve," Scarlet answered. I nodded, brows furrowed with a frown. I asked of the year, hoping that I wasn't any older than fourteen. Scarlet answered, but the loud music from the Great Hall drowned her out.

"What?" I asked, but Scarlet had already excused herself and was walking off, not hearing me. "Scarlet!" I called, running after her. I caught her left arm, accidentally taking the bracelet as I pulled her to face me. An emerald green tattoo of a snake slithering from a skull's mouth lay printed on her arm. The Dark Mark! Which means, Voldemort either has, or will, return. I knew that I shouldn't judge her, which is why I didn't. I apologized sincerely, gave her back the thick silver bracelet, and allowed her to rejoin whatever she had left. After a few minutes of me trying to decipher what in the name of Merlin was going on, I decided to check out the party. I walked down the cold corridor to the music. The Great Hall!

I opened the door with a gasp of delight. The room was icy blue, had snow flakes falling from the ceiling-a new enchantment, had twelve Christmas trees scattered around the perimeter of the hall, and had a stage where the teacher's table usually was. It was gorgeous! I looked around at the dancing couples and found Harry! And, is that, Scarlet?! My heart dropped, but it was his life. He could date whoever he wished. I decided that I might as well talk to him so I made my way onto the dance floor. On my way I danced with, Seamus Finnigan, a couple guys from Bulgaria, and Ron. Only a few steps each, though. I reached Harry just as the song ended. I looked at Scarlet, silently asking for permission to talk to him, and she nodded. I tapped my best friend on the shoulder. He was wearing bottle green dress robes, had on his round glasses, and he really needed a haircut. "Hiya, Harry," I smiled shyly at him, wondering if he would remember me. FIVE MINUTES

"Hi......? Should I know you?" He asked awkwardly as he turned to face me. I was shocked. Either he couldn't recognize me, or he had forgotten me.

"You should! I've only known you for as long as either of us can remember!" I answered indignantly. Harry furrowed his brows with a frown as he thought. I saw Scarlet dancing with Draco Malfoy behind him.

"Sorry. The only person I've known that long is Alexia Cason, but she's dead," Harry said sadly, looking very pained. ONE MINUTE

"How can I be dead if I'm right here?!" I said sarcastically. His eyes wandered to my forehead and he lit up. No one else has a star shaped scar in the center of their forehead. He picked me up and twirled me around, as he had done with Scarlet as they were dancing. FIFTY SECONDS

"How?" He asked as he sat me back down, a wide smile never leaving his face. I gave him a puzzled look. "You died! The middle of third year!" He explained. FORTY SECONDS

"How did I die?" I asked for future reference. If I knew how I died, I could stop it. This would all just be a weird, crazy, dream. Harry scratched the back of his neck, which he only does when he feels awkward or is reliving a painful experience. He didn't look like he was going to answer, but I had to know. "Harry!" I demanded. He would tell me anything when I played that card. It let him know that I had to know. His emerald eyes finally met my blue ones. TEN SECONDS

"Well, it was sort of by your own choice. In third year, you," he cut himself off, staring at me. I looked down. I looked like a ghost! FIVE SECONDS "What's going on?" Harry asked, worry lacing his words.

"I don't know, but Harry, I think you should know-" I couldn't finish telling him about Scarlet. TIME IS UP!!! I saw the world around me go backwards and I saw my dress change back to my normal robes. I was back in my own time!!!! The only problem was; I didn't know how to stop myself from dying! I guess I'd just have to stay on my toes all of third year.

"Oh my Merlin! Are you okay?! I am so sorry!" Kay was running to me. I felt fine! I pinched my arm, just to ensure that it wasn't all some sick, twisted dream. It wasn't.

"I feel great! Oh, I have to go see Ron," the last part was whispered to myself as I bolted into the castle. I ran headlong into the ginger, both of us falling over, rubbing our foreheads. "Ron! I have to ask you something," I said hurriedly as we both stood up.

"What is it?" He asked, still rubbing his head.

"Do you have a sister named Scarlet?" I asked quickly. Ron stared at me in shock.

"I did. Well, adopted sister. We had to send her back to the Malfoy's though," Ron regaled, his blue eyes shining with remembrance. I nodded, thanked him, and I bolted off to history of Magic to sleep on the new information.


A/N: What do you think? If you want the story from Scarlet's POV, check out @chopinssonata1849's The Girl Who Lived!!!! If you would like to do something like this me, email me! I'm all for it!!!!!!!!! Later Lovelies!

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