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"I feel sorry for the students who have to stay at Hogwarts because they aren't welcome at home," Draco smirked at Harry and I before potions class started. I was in here because Professor Binns said I could because we were having a review day and I'm top of his class. Harry was trying hard not to open his mouth because if he did he'd be cursing Malfoy with more spells than the Ministry knew about.

"At least we aren't afraid of a cockroach on our hand," I retaliated.

"That's because you're used to it!" He spat. This just got real.

"So you're admitting you're afraid of it?" I smirked. His faltered. "Besides, twelve house elves a room couldn't scrub the filth out of your home. You may be pureblooded, but never have I met anyone as disgusting as you," I snarled.

"Need your girlfriend to fight your battles, Potty?" Draco sneered, looking for a way to get out of the hole he just dug himself

"Two things. First, unlike Harry would be I'm letting you keep your teeth. Second, you're one to talk, hiding behind these logheads when someone even raises a finger," I scoffed with an eye roll, my hair an annoyed orangish pink. Draco shut up right quick. Harry gave me a low five under the table we were at as Snape glided into the dark dungeon.


After that, the rest of the day went by in a blur, and before I knew it, it was the day it Christmas holiday. I had immediately signed the paper for people to stay for the holidays. I was second to sign, after Harry. Speaking of Harry, I was sitting with him and Ron, watching as they played wizard chess. It was amusing the way the pieces would smash each other, but it was still barbaric. I didn't really mind, though, considering they're concrete pieces.

"Knight to E-5," Harry moved after some thought. Ron thought for a second, smirked, then moved.

"Queen to E-5," Ron moved. The queen moved to the square, stood up from her chair, then knocked the knight's head off! I was chuckling at Harry's shocked expression as Hermione made her way over.

"How are you laughing?! It's completely barbaric!" Hermione glared daggers at me. I put my hands up in surrender.

"That's wizard chess," Ron smirked as he moved the dead knight from the board. Hermione glared at him. I just noticed that she was wearing her black cloak, her Gryffindor scarf, and was dragging her trunk. "See you've packed," Ron stated the obvious. His superpower if I say so myself, next to eating that is.

"See you haven't," Hermione returned with a nod. Ron turned his body to face the bushy haired girl.

"Change of plans. My parents decided to go to Romania to visit my brother Charlie. He's studying Dragons there!" Ron explained, lighting up at the mention of dragons. It'd be cool to have a dragon, but they're illegal. I was awoken from my trance by Mione, in bossy mode.

"You can help Harry and Alexia then. They're going to look for something on Flamel," Mione said, nose in the air. Ron leant over the table so only Harry and I could hear him.

"We've looked a hundred times!" He said exasperated. That's an exaggeration. Mione has looked a hundred times, Ron has been staring blankly at words on pages a hundred times! I've been studying while looking like I'm looking. Don't judge, I have a system. Whenever I put something in the back of my mind, the answer comes to me. Whether it be in my mind, a clue, or something else. Hermione bent down, mischief in her brown eyes.

"Not in the restricted section," she whispered. She stood straight once more. "Happy Christmas," she said formally and pulled her cart behind her. She was only a few steps ahead when I jumped up and called her name. "Yeah, Alexia?" She asked, stopping and turning towards me.

"You need your present!" I exclaimed and stood up from the bench. She made her way over to me, leaving her luggage to sit in the center of the hall, a bright smile never leaving her face. She held out her hand, but I laughed at her. "It's not an item. Just sit down and enjoy," I giggled and pulled my wand from the waist band of my blue jeans. Hermione gave me a puzzled look, but did as I said. I smiled and walked to the empty part of the hall where she was facing. I sang 'It's not Christmas without you' by Victoria Justice, Arians Grande, Elizabeth Gillies, and Leon Thomas III. When I was finished the hall was in a stunned silence. After a second everyone was applauding, Mione and Harry the loudest. "It's not Christmas without you, Mione," I said going to hug her.

"I told you that you could spend the holiday with me!" Hermione said once we pulled away.

"I know, but I couldn't leave with Harry stayin' here," I answered. We were just out of their earshot. Thank Merlin! Hermione smirked.

"That's because you fancy him!" She exclaimed, just quiet enough for them to miss what she had said. Oh glared at her.

"It's just a stupid, eleven year old crush," I responded. My thoughts; was it really JUST a crush? The answer; I don't know. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Suuuurrrrrrrreeeeee it is," Mione drug out as she was reunited with her trunk. I felt my face heat up and Mine sauntered off to the Hogwarts express. My thoughts; maybe Mione's right. Do I actually fancy my best friend?


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