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I was the first awake on Christmas. I decided to be gorgeous today, so I was! I wore an icy blue dress to my knees that spoofed out slightly at the skirt, had snowflakes on the skirt, and long sleeves. I made my hair and eyes natural, deciding it would look prettiest. I slipped my white flats on and brushed my teeth. After, I brushed my platinum hair and put my glasses on. I smiled at my reflection and bounced down to the common room. I didn't stay long for I walked silently up to the boys' dorm, stopping outside of their door. "HARRY POTTER AND RON WEASLEY GET YOUR BUM'S OUT OF BED!!!!!!!" I called outside. I heard Ron hit the floor and Harry hit his head on the wood. It made me laugh. I jumped on the stair banister and slid down to the common room. I smiled at the tree dressed in red and gold ornaments, sheltering many presents. I didn't expect any to be for me, though. Even though I only got presents from Harry Christmas always was my favorite holiday. I sat down on the couch, crossing my legs, and waited for the boys to get downstairs. They FINALLY trudged downstairs, both staring open mouthed at me. I keep forgetting to turn off my Veela powers! I was no longer glowing so they snapped out of their daze.

"Why did you wake us up like that?!" Harry moaned, rubbing his head. He was wearing his pajamas, as was Ron. I laughed.

"I could have sprayed you both in the face with freezing cold water," I smiled as they say down on the other couch. They suddenly accepted my choice of a wake up call. Who would have thought?! I took the parcels from under the tree, the ones I had bought, and handed them out. I gave Ron his small red package. He opened it, showing a black wallet. He asked what it was. "Open it and reach your hand inside," I instructed. Ron put his hand in the main pocket, only to go armpit deep! He pulled out a handful of galleons.

"Thanks so much, Alex!" The ginger hugged me. I finally pushed him off of me, finally being able to breathe. Harry opened his small golden package with a smile. It was a 'Thousand ways to beat a jerk at his own game'. It was a book. Harry's been staring at it, wanting to beat Dudley at being a jerk. He hugged me less tight, but much longer. I didn't want to let go. Wait what?!

"Here you go, Lex," Harry said once he pulled back. He handed me a small black box. I opened it and smiled brightly. It was a golden, heart shaped locket with BFF engraved in loopy letters on the front. Inside was a picture of just Harry and I on one side, and Harry, Ron, Mione, and I on the other. I put him on immediately. Ron gave me his present. I was shocked he had gotten me anything! It was a golden ring with 'Little Sis' on it. I put it on immediately and tackled Ron in a hug.

"Gotta breathe, Sis!" He choked. I let go, embarrassed, and opened the gift Mione had left me. It was a leather brown book with red stitch letters. ' Is it just a crush? Guide to knowing if it's meant to be!' Was the title. I shoved it in the couch cushions, vowing to get her back when she returned to school. Hagrid gave us a flute, Harry got an invisibility cloak, and all three of us got a Weasley sweater. Mine was red with a golden 'A' in the center. I loved it! I put it on and it looked nice with my dress!


Ron was being led by Harry and I to breakfast when my feet got stuck on the floor! Harry's too. Uh-oh. I looked up. Mistletoe. The Professor cast a charm that caused the couple under it to be stuck until they kissed. I will kill them later. Harry noticed too, and was blushing like mad. So was I, but I hid it well. "Why won't you two move?!" Ron asked. I pointed up. Ron followed my gaze and had a smirk. "Go on then," Ron said. I glared at him and kissed Harry quick on the lips. We still couldn't move! "Oh Merlin, that's Mistlesnog! You can't move without snogging," Ron explained. I paled even more and let my blush out. I wanted to die from embarrassment. Wanting to get it over with, I crashed Harry's lips with mine. His hands flew to my waist as he snogged back. That's what shocked me. He couldn't like me too, could he? No, he probably thinks it has to be a double sided snog for us to leave. I heard a squeaking and Harry pulled back quickly, clutching his ankle. Scabbers bit him! Scabbers started squeaking in my direction, but I didn't listen to the little thing. Harry and I, finally being able to move, left the common room, deciding only to tell Mione about that.


I was smiling when I wrote this! I'm sorry, but I really had to. I know that they're only eleven, but I just had to make Harry her first kiss and it had to be on Christmas. Sorry, guys! Also, sorry that this chapter sucks! :(

Later Lovelies!

<3 Pyra


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