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Arrow returns to our screens in two weeks, but if you just can't wait that long, star Stephen Amell is treating us to some sneak peeks on social media!

Today, he posted this photo of him and Grant Gustin (a.k.a. Barry Allen in The Flash) wearing dark suits, captioned: "Game changing scenes are fun."

Game changing, eh? Wonder what that could mean...

It looks like the boys are at a funeral, just judging from the suits and the scenery. It's conceivable that they are at some other kind of formal outdoor gathering, but in their civilian lives, they don't exactly run in the same circles. Oliver Queen and Barry Allen aren't exactly besties. For them to be together, unmasked, and suited-up, you know that something major just happened to the fledgling Justice League.

So who died?

The show hasn't ever shied away from fairly major character deaths; Moira Queen, Sara Lance, Tommy Merlyn... This could well be another big departure for the show. Given that Barry Allen is also at the funeral, this would presumably open up the possibilities to The Flash cast as well.

Oliver, Sara, Thea, Cisco, and Ronnie have all already "died" and returned in some form or another, so I'm going to assume that none of these characters are going to really be biting the dust. Characters who are no longer making regular appearances, namely Roy Harper and Malcolm Merlyn, can also be struck from the list. Finally, any characters who will be starring in the upcoming Legends of Tomorrow can be presumed survivors of the scene, which keeps Ray Palmer safe.

From the remaining character roster, there are a few possible options...

1. Felicity Smoak

At the end of Season 3, Felicity finally got her happy ending, and we know it doesn't last. We also know from the promo that in the beginning of Season 4, Olicity starts off as a happy couple. Something happens to change that.

What could be more of a game changer than Oliver losing the woman he loves?

This would be something to completely harden Oliver's heart, to bring him and Barry closer, and that would have major repercussions over both shows. It would also pave the way for Oliver and Laurel to come together again, as they do in the comics, which would make some fans incredibly happy.

However, the character of Felicity is such a huge part of the show's appeal, and the Olicity fandom is so influential that I seriously doubt the writers would kill her off.

2. Quentin Lance

Captain Lance and his complex relationship with the supers is something that I'm sure will continue to create issues throughout Season 4. His fury over the loss of Sara (and the fact that it was hidden from him for so long) continues to drive him to take down Team Arrow, despite their past truce.

While there is always a lawman in contact with the resident superhero in comic book lore, could we see a changing of the guard for Arrow?

This would be a major game changer for Laurel, who has already lost so much. What would it do to her relationship with Oliver if her father died as well?

It would also be interesting to see a civilian death, rather than death-by-metahuman, and Lance is the perfect target to be killed in the line of duty. This could become another cross for Oliver to bear, and something that either brings Laurel closer to the team, or drives her further away.

However, I don't think that this will be the case. While Captain Lance keeps vacillating between supporting and opposing Team Arrow, he's an important part of the show as a whole. With so many other new characters joining the cast, this wouldn't be the time to introduce a new lawman to replace him.

3. Caitlyn Snow

Personally, I'm betting on Caitlyn, and I'm guessing that she doesn't stay dead for long...

In the comics, Caitlyn is working on a project in the Arctic for S.T.A.R. Labs, when she realizes that it has been compromised, and H.I.V.E agents are inside. They attack her, and in defeating them, she ends up a human icicle. We know from the Season 1 finale (as Barry saw glimpses of different times) that Caitlyn Snow becomes Killer Frost, and we know that this is the season where we meet H.I.V.E. and Damien Darkh.

If you know your New 52, you'll see where this is headed...

I'm guessing that when Caitlyn meets H.I.V.E., she ends up frozen, and the teams come together for a funeral service sans corpse when they assume she is not coming back. Not only does this leave the door open for her to re-emerge as Killer Frost, but to be seriously pissed off at them for giving up on her. Something major has to happen for us to see her gain her powers, and I want it to be big enough to count as a game changer.

Other Options

Obviously, these aren't the only options. This funeral (if it is a funeral) could be for anyone. Dr. Stein's wife, perhaps? Oliver Queen might attend that service, but would it really be a "game changer?" Iris West? I doubt that they would kill off such a huge name in The Flash, but anything is possible. How about Detective West? That's a definite game changer, although again, a very big player to leave the show. A final West, Wally, is coming to The Flash this season - perhaps this is the funeral of his mother or father, and that is what prompts his move to Central City. Could Diggle be the one to go? Doubtful, given his new status, but his death would be a reason for Oliver to return.

We're going to have to wait to find out, but be warned: Someone doesn't make it through this season alive.

The Flash and Arrow return to the CW Oct 6th and 7th!


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