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Harry had taken his invisibility cloak that night and went looking for something about Flamel in the restricted section. He was gone for an hour longer than he said he would be so I got a bit worried. I snuck out to the library, looking for him, when someone found me. Great, the one time I need to be invisible and the stupid power doesn't work! I was terrified of the man who had caught me, not only out after curfew, but in the restricted section. Two things that would get me in huge trouble. Especially from Quirrell. I was going to murder my best friend later. Murder him for scaring me and making me get caught by this insane lunatic. Although, Quirrell would probably kill me before I got the chance to kill Harry. I wasn't in my dress any longer, but in my Weasley sweater and a pair of jeans and my black shoes. My glasses were a bit foggy, but I could still see the sneer on Quirrell's face. He had a plan, and that alone frightened me. "Being naughty again, are we?" He smirked as he tapped his fingers together. I tried to back out of the restricted section, but I backed into a table. "Oh, what are you worried about? I'm only giving you detention," Quirrell gave a falsely innocent smile. I didn't like this at all. My detention was the next day, what a wonderful way to spend the Christmas holidays! Detention with a lunatic that has a wand and a hardcore backhand! Merlin, save me!



In my line of work, especially when you've worked as long as I have, you develop a sort of apathy towards others. But, with my busy schedule, I have no time to think of insignificant things such as these. My clients are simply dying to meet me. As strange as it was, I liked my job. I got to meet new people every day. But with these constant new meetings and new faces, I never found myself taking the effort to learn them. But there was one special exception. Alexia Cason. Our paths brushed against one another. More times than I would like to count. Three so far, to be exact. I stood, with my black book, that told me of my next client. Her name and face appeared in the next page of my black bound book. I stood and watched the scene unravel upon me. Quirrell, who was much past due for a visit, closed the door to his classroom. The three of us, the only ones to witness the scene. This was quite a detention. "How do you get past the Devil's Snare? Tell me now!" Quirrel demanded, shoving his wand into her face.

Alexia Cason, was a defiant one. She refused to answer. Her eyes displayed an uncontainable rage. A fire within those ever changing eyes of hers. "I'm an impatient man, you see. It'd be better to tell me sooner than later." She still said nothing. Quirrell cast the worst spell of them all. The Cruciatus curse. It truly was unforgivable. He watched as she fell out of the chair and writhed in pain on the floor. "I've seen your father recently. A terrible, rat of a man. Incompetent. Foolish. A snake of a man. I'll be seeing him soon. I'll tell him you said hello. Our little detention session is over," He said this, closing the door behind him. I glanced between her and my black book. Her image and name appeared and disappeared rapidly. Her life was in my hands, now. On numerous occasions, I would decide their fate swiftly. Only a few times, had I let the event play out. I waited. I knew that she would survive. She was a fighter. She was still hanging on. I watched as her name and face disappeared from my book entirely. I then continued on with my daily routine and thought of Alexia Cason. She was otherworldly. The only person who had cheated me. She had cheated death. And always, had I considered the one who almost got away. Almost.


A/N: Death's POV was written by @chopinssonata1849!!!! If you're confused, Alex is not dead. Who is the one who almost got away? If you have an idea, message me! It will be discovered later. Whether it be through clues within the story, or an outright message from me, it will be discovered. Later Lovelies!

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