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I woke up in the Gryffindor Common Room, sprawled out on a couch. Some of you are probably wondering why I've spent the entirety of my holiday with Harry and Ron. The answer; No Ravenclaws decided to stay for the holidays. Harry and Ron came running down the stairs, making me wake up so quickly that I fell onto the floor. I glared at them and followed, much to their disapproval. Not that I really cared. I was squished between Ron and Harry under the invisibility cloak as Harry went on about seeing his parents in some weird mirror. Seems a bit dodgy if you ask me. Sure there are muggle movies where people get trapped in mirrors and everyone thinks they're dead, but it doesn't actually happen! I'm sorry, H arry. But you're parents are not locked in the mirror! After about a half an hour of searching, and Ron groaning about his feet, Harry led us into a near empty room. The only thing in the room was a mirror that was as tall as Goyle. The mirror said 'I show not your face, but your heart's desire' backwards. My mind seemed to organize the letters itself. Harry stood happily in front of the mirror. He said he saw his parents! "I can only see us?" Ron explained like a question.

"Come on, look in properly," Harry said and stepped to the side, dragging Ron to where he had stood previously. "You see them, don't you?" Harry said proudly as he stood next to the mirror. "That's-" Harry pointed to a spot on the mirror. Ron cut him off.

"That's me!" Ron exclaimed in awe. "Only I'm head boy. And bloody h***, I'm Quidditch Captain too! I look good," the last part was whispered. I rolled my eyes and sat on the floor. Honestly this whole mirror business seemed a bit too much like rubbish that makes people go insane. Ron was fawning over himself, asking if it was the future, while I flopped back on the floor with a 'thump'.

"How can it? Both my parents are dead," Harry said sadly. I stood up and gave him a small hug. "What do you see, Lex?" Harry asked, gesturing to the mirror once I had let go of him. I shrugged. Not really caring what I saw, but I knew that Harry would want me to see. "Ron, move, and let Lex see," Harry told the ginger. Ron, grumbling, moved out of the way. I stepped where he was and looked into the pearly glass. I felt a searing pain in my forehead as I dropped to the floor, clutching my star shaped scar.

"Alex, what's wrong?!" Ron asked urgently as the boys dropped next to me, holding on to me, trying to keep me conscious. I wasn't slipping in and out like that time at the doctor, but I was in two places at once! I saw something misty, a memory, with the mirror clear behind it. I saw a woman with platinum blond hair and grey eyes. She looked like me!

"Lex?! Come on, Lex, this isn't funny," Harry said panic in each letter. I was letting out groans in pain as I tried to rub the pain in my scar away. It only made it worse. I could hear Harry and Ron's distant voices, but couldn't understand them.


Lex dropped to the ground, her hand on her forehead. I didn't know what was happening, nor did I like it. Ron and I dropped down next to her, keeping her upright. "Alex, what's wrong?!" Ron asked worriedly. She didn't answer. That scared me.

"Lex?! Come on, Lex, this isn't funny!" I said fearfully. Her eyes misted over and her left eye was turning a misty blue. Her right was going a galaxy color and colors flashed across. I didn't like this! "Lex, come on, stop it! Let's get back to the common room!" I called, trying everything to get her up. Her hand left her forehead and she stared intently at the mirror, as though she were watching something. Ron and I pulled her to her feet which she didn't like. Her hair was magenta with blue streaks, showing she was concentrating. She was kicking and punching and we finally let her go. She just stared at the mirror in deep concentration. What was wrong with her?


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