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I saw a blond woman enter a dimly lit house with spotless marble floors and black walls. There was the occasional black carpet in the sitting room. The woman, my mother, hugged a man with platinum hair to his waist and he returned it, giving her a kiss on the forehead. The man also had steel grey eyes, but looked more like Malfoy. They were both wearing all black, but my mum was in a dress. Her dress was shorter in the front, stopping at the knees, and long in the back. It had a lighter black belt, was tight at the top, and laced sleeves. She also wore black tights and black heels. By the look on her face, and the tears streaming, I could tell she didn't wish to be there. After their hug, my mother sat down between the man and a woman with wild black hair and a matching outfit. Only, hers was the same length all the way to her ankles. All around the long table, about as long as the house tables, were men and women looking proud or frightened. All in black, with a look of respect on their faces. It was obvious they were in some sort of meeting. In this vision, or memory, thoughts jumped out at me as though they were mere pages in a book. The only thought was my mum's; I WILL BE FAITHFUL, EVEN IF I DO NOT WISH TO BE HERE. FOR ALEXANDRA'S SAKE it read. No one else had any thoughts on this event.

A pale man with a bald head, red eyes, slits for nostrils, blue veins branching across his white head, with a snake made a very dramatic entry. His cloak blew behind him from an imaginary wind, the door made a bang as he entered, and all at once the people stood and bowed deeply. Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Holy chiz knockers! Voldemort nodded to the death eaters as his snake slithered up his arm and wrapped around his neck. The death eaters sat moments before Voldemort did. "Welcome, my faithful friends," he rasped. He sounded as though he were losing and gaining his voice all at once. He also had a slight hiss in his words. If he was someone else, I might be frightened. But, Voldemort is that bully on the playground that just wants what he doesn't have........power. "As you all know, Severus has told me of a prophecy of a boy born at the end of July that can defeat me. The options are limited. The Longbottom child, or the Potter boy," Voldemort basically whispered, but the dining hall was so quite he might as well have been speaking through a microphone. So, Voldemort murdered Lily and James because of a dumb prophecy?! Snape was a death eater? Well, that much is understandable, but I still don't think he's after Fluffy's treasure. I mean, Voldemort would tell him to act like a good guy if he were to send him after it! He may be a power hungry git, but he isn't entirely stupid. "I believe, that the boy mentioned in the prophecy, is the Potter boy. I believe this for he is a half-blood, already showing magical power. The Longbottom child is, as far as we know, nothing more than a squib." My mother paled, thinking; HOW CAN I WARN THEM?! THE POTTERS AND LONGBOTTOMS ARE MY FRIENDS! The meeting continued with plots of ways to murder Harry, my mother plotting ways to warn them, and then a show of the snake brutally killing a death eater for pointing out a flaw in Moldy Voldy's plan. Each death eater stood in synch as Voldemort just flew out the window to wherever he was hiding. A few death eaters, disposed of their colleague's body, others laughed at it, and others left with much haste. My mother stood and turned to the man.

"I love you, Lucius. Stay safe," she said in a whisper and hugged him. Lucius?

"I love you too, Anshalayah. Don't do anything you will regret," Lucius responded in a frightened tone. My vision swirled and only one thought crossed my mind; Is Lucius my father?!


A/N: What cha think? Anyway, this chapter needs some explaining. Alex's scar shows her her past. Whether it's including her or not. The mirror of erised, basically opened up that door. What she sees in the mirror is herself, knowing more about her past. Thanks guys!!!!!!


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