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I've always loved the Star Trek TV series and although I enjoyed the two new films I think it's time to bring it back to the small screen so here's 5 star trek Spinoffs that should have happened

5. Gary Seven

Appearing in the last episode of series two of the original series titled 'Assignment Earth' was set in present day 1968 where the enterprise discovers Gary Seven being sent to Earth by his alien superiors, assuming his intent to be malicious kirk and spock spend most of the episode attempting to catch him after he escapes the enterprise, little realising he is in fact there to help mankind from destroying itself.

Shot as a pilot for a spinoff the new series was never picked up, so gary seven only ever got one on screen appearance. The character was born from gene roddenberrys love of Dr Who, he was suave, intelligent, had a fiesty female sidekick, and a pen that could open doors and stun people. A lot like a certain time travelling time lord, but would have been set entirely in the present day so as to focus more on present day issues such as the cold war.

Despite only appearing in one episode he became a cult fan favourite appearing in his own comic book spinoff, and a special 3 part book series based on khan's origins which reveals that his main nemesis before escaping Earth was in fact Gary Seven.

4. Mirror Universe

A firm fan favourite for any sci-fi series evil doubles are always fun, but star trek has made theirs an entire universe in itself, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the mirror universe that there are loads of Potential for a spinoff, what did spock do to get control of the empire? What would a mirror universe picard or Jane way be like? Is Westley just as annoying?

The mirror universe has spawned so many book and comic Spinoffs over the years and even a computer game, that it's not hard to see the potential in this one.

3.Department of Temporal Investigations

First appearing in the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations the episode was aired to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Star Trek and remains one of the most popular DS9 episodes to date, Agents Lucsly and Dulmer arrive to hear Sisko tell them how the defiant inadvertently was sent back in time to a key moment with Captain Kirk. The pair of agents who essentially travel around the galaxy tidying up the mess left behind when star fleet captains travel though time, an event that apparently happens so often theres a whole department dedicated to it. The characters them selves were brilliant performances as they don't stand for any infractions and are completely unimpressed with Kirk who apparently has the biggest file for time travel infractions.

Loosely based on Mulder and Scully of the X-files they became instant fan favourites and currently have their own book series, had a TV series been commissioned I think it certainly would have been different to other Star Trek series as it would be mainly these two travelling from ship to ship picking up the pieces 'behind the scenes' as it were. Having more in common with 'The thick of it' than regular Star Trek series.

2. Captain Worf

I can't think of any other Star Trek character having such a turbulent character arc than Worf from trying to succeed where people are suspicious of his race to being raised by his grandparents as his real parents perished when he was young to then loosing his mate and becoming a single father, later on then losing his wife Dax, all whilst being responsible for the protection of the ship.

We've also seen Worf mature and become a responsible capable leader and not the brash risk taker we meet early on. He was so popular his character would later join the DS9 cast when the next generation was cancelled.

It would be awesome to not only catch up with Worf but also Continue the next generation arc in general.

1. Captain Sulu

Talked about for years as a natural progression for star trek this was the most likely to have been commissioned as it would have also filled the gap between the original star trek movies, and the next generation. Speculation became more rife when George takei reprised his role in the voyager episode 'Flashback' and even in a fan made star trek episode but alas it was never to happen. Despite this numerous book and comic series have sprung up around Sulu and his adventures on the Excelsior, proving that there is still interest around not only Sulu but his crew as well.


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