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I woke up with a jolt. I was still staring at that ridiculous mirror! The mirror of desire it's called. I would desire most to see my parents.......but they could be serial killers for all I knew! My desire; to know more about my parents and myself. The world came back into focus and I regained my hearing. "Lex, come on! You're freaking us out!" I heard Harry as I felt arms try to pull me from the mirror. How long had they been trying to pull me? I stood up and looked around to ensurethat it was still just Ron, Harry, and I. Ron wasn't there.

"Where's Ron?" I wondered aloud as I gave the mirror a side glance. It was just enough to see myself, but not enough to go back under. My hair was to my shoulders and the usual auburn, but my eyes were forest green. I looked like how I've always imagined Captain Holly Short to look! (A/N: Captain Holly Short is from an awesome series called "Artemis Fowl". I recommend the series to anyone who likes Harry Potter!) The only difference was, I wasn't three feet tall. My glasses were twisted upwards and I now understand why. MY EARS WERE POINTY!!!! I adjusted my glasses as I turned back to Harry. He looked awful! His hair was messier than usual, his glasses were half way off of his face, and he had scars on his hands. Did I do that?

"Went to get Madam Pomfrey. She doesn't take points away," he answered. I nodded, thinking. I hope that we aren't questioned about why we're down here! And if we are, we can't explain the invisibility cloak, which means we have to say that we just walked here. If we say that, the portraits will be questioned, and they'll obviously say they haven't heard a thing! In return, Filch will be questioned, and asked why he didn't see us. Which means he's going to get way angry at us! I knew we would get in trouble for coming down here! Were my thoughts. I felt suddenly dizzy and sat back down. Is this another fracking vision?!

*Vision Anjeliyah's POV*

I walked along the corridor with the Marauders, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. I would be with Lily and Sev, or Lucius, but these troublemakers are actually pretty cool! James has been asking me repeatedly about things that Lily likes. It's fourth year, and he's been chasing her for that long! I kind of feel bad for him, nut if he wasn't such a jerk to Sev Lily might want to hang out with him. Just maybe.

"What should we do today, boys?" Sirius asked. I glared at him and he sunk away. "and girl," he added. I gave him a sickly sweet smile and began to think. It would have to be something to get Jily to happen. My hair turned gold, showing I had an idea. I beconed Remus over. His sandy hair was even more ragged than it had been the week before. He was nearing the time of his furry little problem, and I could finally join! He thinks I don't know he's a werewolf, but I learned to be an animagus to join him! Back on task, sorry. I cupped my hands around my mouth and whispered in his ear.

"Get James and Lily in the empty DADA classroom after hours. If something goes wrong, we ask Poppy. She doesn't take points," I whispered. I pulled back and smirked at the look on his face. The look that said 'You have all the answers.' Lily and Sev walked by and I turned on my Veela charm. James turned to stare at me, while Lily clenched her fists. She was so jealous! I turned it off, and she relaxed. She'd my best friend and she wants that attention from James. Little does she know, she already has it.

*Alex's POV*

I woke up to the white celing of the hospital wing. How long had I been out? I think I understand these visions a bit. I think that I will be shown visions when something happens to me that was similar to something that happened to mum. Maybe? Ugh, I don't know!!!!! I gave a frustrated sigh and covered my face with my hands. Wait! My mum was something called an animagus! I inherited her Veela charm, so maybe I got that too? I decided to try it out later, when I could ask Mione about this stuff. I miss my bushy bestie!


Thanks for reading! What do you think? I decided to put a bit of background info on Anjeliyah (her mum) so here it is! Any body want some more mistletoe in the next chapter? ;)


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