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So season two picks up right where season one left off. Lee and Jim, now demoted to beat cop, are still together. Barbara is still a cute bundle of cray cray. Penguin is the king of the crime world, and Bruce and Alfred have just discovered the batca--I mean secret room at Wayne Manor.

The door to the room is locked by an electronic keypad, which Bruce tries in vain to crack. Apparently now Bullock is a bartender. I was surprised. Mr. Zsasz is back (yay!) and in his first scene he shoots some random dude. Oh, Mr. Zsasz, you rascal! Barbara arrives at Arkham in all her gloriously crazy splendor. She and Jerome (memba him?) exchange glances. Foreshadow alert! And then this happened.

Some creep gives another creep some funky blue kool-aid and of course he goes on a rampage right in front of Jim Gordon, who is directing traffic. Jim quickly but safely subdues Zaardon (with two A's) and takes him downtown, but not before shoving his lazy partner whose name I don't know. Afterward, he runs into Ed in the bathroom, who is clearly still suffering from his psychotic breakdown. When Jim leaves, Ed begins arguing with his alternate personality in the mirror.

Commissioner Loeb gleefully fires Jim for the aforementioned shoving. Captain Essen tries to defend Jim but he leaves peacefully, promising Loeb that one day he will break him. At home, Lee admits she's glad Jim got fired, but Jim isn't ready to give up.

Back at Arkham, Jerome and Barbara bond over matricide as he tries to convince her to make nice with his "friend," Sionis, who apparently runs the place. He eludes that the guards won't protect her--seeing as how Arkham is coed--and his "friend" can get her anything she wants inside. She quickly jumps on the opportunity telling Jerome she needs a telephone.

Jim visits the Penguin. Oh hey Selina! By the way, how is it an adolescent girl can make her rounds through several crime syndicates? The Penguin deduces Jim is there to ask him for help getting his job back, but he needs a favor in return. He wants Jim to convince another boss named Ogden to honor a debt. Jim refuses and leaves, then drowns his sorrows with Bullock the bartender. They bro-hug then Jim heads to Wayne Manor to inform Bruce that he has been fired and cannot fulfill his vow to find Bruce's parents' murderers. Bruce is less than pleased.

Jim decides to fulfill the Penguin's request and straight jacks Ogden's money and runs. Ogden chases him, fires at him and misses. Jim fires back, killing Ogden.

After "befriending" Sionis, Barbara uses her newly acquired phone to call Jim and Lee. Lee wants to leave Gotham, but Jim says he can't because he "did a bad thing."

Penguin and Zsasz break into Loeb's house for an impromptu head-to-head (pun intended) about Jim's career. When we see Loeb next, he is announcing his resignation and Captain Essen as his successor, who in turn rehires Jim. Much success!! Here we also learn kool-aid creep's name is Theo Galavan, who is a scientist and Gotham power player.

Zaardon arrives at Arkham, spouting more gibberish and belching more nasty blue gas. This time it knocks out everyone in the room. Queue the gas mask brigade!

Barbara and crew find themselves tied up in an unknown location while Theo proposes they work for him and his sister Tabitha in exchange for power and freedom. Sionis refuses and soon regrets it.

The episode ends as Alfred and Bruce make a bomb to blow the door off the secret room. After the kablooey, the room is revealed to be an office. There is a letter addressed to Bruce from his father. Thomas writes that if Bruce is reading this he was probably killed for asking too many questions. And, oh yeah, the password was BRUCE. DUHHH....

Overall, this was a solid episode. I'm glad to see Gordon willing to get a little dirty. Bruce is getting closer to becoming Batm--I mean getting closer to the truth. My only problem with this was I don't like the direction the writers are taking Selina. Selina's character was never evil. I get that this show strays away from the canon but I think Selina's character being a criminal with a good heart was central to her story. I LOOOOVE evil Barbara though. Perhaps her story and Jerome's will continue to intertwine. Barbara does look like someone familiar... I'm also interested in these new villains. Tabitha is obviously a badass so hope to see more of her. Until next episode...


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