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Mione dragged me back to Gryffindor tower after our little reunion. I'd like to know where Harry and I stand in all this. I know we're not dating, but does he like me too? Or were those special moments just because of mistletoe? I'm so fracking confused!!!! I was woken from my thoughgts by Mione snapping her fingers in front of my face. I shook my head and turned to her. "Yeah?"

"I asked you a question," she answered slowly. I gave her a puzzled look. "I asked, how many ttimes have you gotten caught under Mistlesnog?" She repeated, an annoyed yet ammused expression on her face. I blushed and held up two fingers. "Who else were you caught with?" Mione asked. As if she doesn't already know!

"Harry, both times," I answered in a small voice. I was confident when stuff like this happens, but It's weird when I talk about it. Plus, I know Hermione. She's going to ask awkward questions; like, is Harry a good kisser?! Ron and Harry were behind Mione and I as we climbed the steps. About four stairs up, my feet got caught. Mione's too. We looked at each other, looked up, then busted out laughing.

"How do we get out of this one?" Mione laughed looking at me now. I've been caught loads of time with people that I won't kiss (girls or people that I don't know) so I know how to get out of it.

"Like this," I said simply. I slipped my feet out of my shoes and moved out from under the mistletoe. Mione followed. Our shoes were stuck there. I looked at the boys' feet. They weren't wearing shoes either! I have a new mission, get Mione and Ron under mistletoe, or mistlesnog. No, Mione would kill me if it was mistlesnog. Mione kept climbing the stairs, but I stayed back.

"Ron, why don't you go talk to Hermione? Make sure she had a good holiday," Harry said once he saw me waiting for him.

"We already know she had a good-oh!" Ron noticed that Harry wanted to talk to me and ran to catch up with Hermione.

"Thanks, Hare," I smiled and waited for him to catch up. He nodded.

"Why didn't you take your shoes off when we were caught under?" He asked. Awkward!

"I didn't bring an extra pair, and I had a feelin' I'd be needin' them later. Plus, you'd be stuck there, it doesn't work with socks," I answered, choosing my words carefully. Harry nodded. "I'd much rather kiss you than Mione." He nodded again."Why so quiet?" I asked, my hair a concerned blue.

"What does it mean?" He asked. I knew he was reffering to the snogging.

"It means we have bad luck with Mistlesnog," I giggled. "Oh! By the way, I'm playin' matchmaker today," I added in a low voice. Harry gave a mischevious smile. My matchmaking always work! Maybe not immediately, but they work!

"Who're the victims this year?" He asked. I always pick one couple per year to pair up.

"I so want Romione to happen!" I said in a low voice so the chatting couple ahead coulldn't hear us. Harry nodded with a smirk. They got up to the portrait hole and Ron recited the password. Ron, like me and Harry, is wearing his Weasley sweater and jeans. Hermione, however, is already in her robes. Why? I don't know. The Fat Lady swung forward, but the two didn't get a chance to go in. I waved my wand and mistletoe appeared above their heads. They paled, blushed, and just stared at each other.

"I think they need some help," Harry said to me. I nodded and walked over to them, Harry following.

"You two are lucky this is just mistletoe," I said. They let out a breath of relief. "But, you still have to kiss. Now, do this the easy way, or you do it my way," I smirked.

"What's your way?" Ron asked. I could see the disappointment in Mione's eyes. I'm so questioning her later!

"Just a tiny bit of love potion, but be warned, I'm not very good at it. Once, I tried it and a third year couldn't sit down for a week. Poor boy," I lied. I've actually never brewed a love potion before, but they don't know that. They still didn't move. "Harry, I think they need a shove in the right direction," I winked at him.

"Alright. One........Two.......Three," Harry pushed Ron and I pushed Hermione. Hermione's hands went to Ron's shoulders to keep her up. Ron's hands went to her waist to keep himself supported. They kissed by accident in the process. The plant disappeared and they were both blushing a brighter red than a tomato! The Fat Lady was yelling at us to go inside, so we finally did. Ron and Harry went straight to bed, but Mione and I stayed in the empty common room.


Alright! Another chapter! YAYAYAYAYAYA!!! Sorry that I'm crazy. Okay, the next chapter can only happen if you help me out! I need questions about Harry and Alexia's snog sessions for Mione to ask. So, anything you want to know or think anyone else would! Thanks guys!!!!!!

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