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"SSSSSSSoooooooo," Hermione drug out, laying on the floor and crossing her ankles while sitting her chin on her hands. We were alone in the common room having a sleep over. It's actually some random interrogation.

"SSSSSSSoooooooo.......what?" I asked, doing the same across from her. The fire is blazing to my right, but I really don't care. Mione started bombarding me with questions about the Mistletoe session with Harry and I. She asked way too awkward questiions! Like; did I like it, did I ask someone to put the mistletoe there, if Harry was a good kisser (Told ya!), and why Scabbers kept biting him. I ignored the first question, but yes, I did like it. I answered no to the second question, which was true. I ignored the second question, but the answer was yes, and I really didn't know why Scabbers kept biting him. Then she asked one question that really stuck out to me.

"Do you think that Ron would kiss me back if I kissed him?" She asked shyly. Then added quickly, "Under mistletoe, I mean." I thought about it for a minute, deciding whether Ron would do that. I, unfortunately, knew my answer.

"I honestly don't think so Mione. He's one of those, 'pals before gals' kinda guys. He fancies you, anyone can see that, but I think he'd be too afraid to wreck your friendship if you ended up in a relationship that didn't work out," I answered, giving my bushy haired friend an apologetic smile. She nodded sadly, but I - being the amazing person I am - changed the subject. We started talking about anything and everything until we fell asleep.


Next day, after breakfast

Hermione and I woke up on the floor of the Gryffindor Common Room. She and I went up to her dorm to get dressed. She's about a size bigger than me so I wear her old cute clothes when I stay up here. I put on a red blouse and black skinny jeans with my black boots. I put my glasses on and made my hair shoulder length brown with blue highlights. Hermione wore a purple, long sleeved blouse and black dress pants. She may be eleven, but she made it work! The two of us hopped arm and arm down to the Great Hall. We had slept through breakfast, but everyone was in the Great Hall. Why? Socializing nd things. Mione had told me about Parkinson and I knew immediately who was she was. I also, immediately wanted to murder her. Not for what she'd said about me, but what she said about my friends. Suddenly, 'Grenade' by Bruno Mars was in my head. Only the chorus, though. I saw pug faced Parkinson leer at Mione and I. We ignored her and began a converstaion.

"I personally think they've outdone themselves, the decorations," Mione marveled. I smiled with a nod, not noticing that Parkinson was eavesdropping on us.

"Yes, they've certainely went all out, haven't they mudblood?" Parkinson sneered. Mione still hadn't looked up the meaning of the word, lucky her. I knew the meaning and that was the worst thing she coud have said!

"Where's the mirror, Parkinson?" I sneered at her. She had a flat nose, obnoxious black hair, an annoyingly high voice, olive skin, and brown eyes that make you want to kill her.

"Sticking up for the mudblood? An ugly b**** like you is just as bad," Parkinson said threateningly. I rolled my red eyes at her, and already had a come back.

"I seem to remember that 'awesome' ends with me, while 'ugly' starts with u," I gave a sickly sweet smile with a matching voice. "I agree, Mione. You should have seen it the first night; before Peeves wrecked it. It was-" I began to restart the conversation, but Parkinson interrupted.

"Absolutely degrading!" I turned to her, a smirk playing on my lips.

"This is an A and B conversation, so C yourself out," I retorted. I'mma be sassy to this chick!

"Go murder yourself," she snarled. Several gasps were heard while the Slytherins 'Ooohed'.

I said this loud, clear, and slow as if I were speaking to a deaf person, "If I wanted to kill myself, I'd climb up your ego and jump down to your IQ level. In case you do not understand, it means you are vain and stupid." She lunged at me, but I'm a ninja! I ducked down and she tripped over me. Uncordinated scum bag! "So, Mione, wanna go out by the lake?" I asked as I stood up and acted as if nothing had happened. Mione followed me out to the Black Lake, where we sat under the beach tree, not daring to get too close to the water.

"Why'd you go all Miss Sassy Pants on Parkinson?" Mione asked amused. I giggled and chucked a flat stone across the water.

"I couldn't let her say that stuff to you," I answered, not meeting her brown eyes. Mione pulled me into a hug.

"I still don't know what mudblood means," She chuckled as she released me. I sighed and pulled a book out of the bag I had brought with me. I pushed the book towards her, open to the right page. She picked it up and read through it several times before understanding what it meant. Tears welled up in her eyes and she started crying. "W-w-why woul-l-l-ld some *hic* say t-t-that to me?!" She bawled. I pulled her into a tight grip.

"Because they're jealous idiots! You're gorgeous, they're not. You're a genious, they're morons. Besides, as I said before, don't worry about people who talk bad about you behind your back; they're behind you for a reason," I said comfortingly. After a few seconds of me saying similar things, Mione calmed down. She stuck her head in the lake to rid herself of her red eyes and puffy face. I dried her off with a spell once she resurfaced. We continued to chat as though nothing had happened. After a while, Parkinson just had to show up!

"Why you little-" She began to insult me, but tripped over her own to feet and landed face first in a mud puddle. I stood up, put my hands on my hips, and walked in front of her.

"Who's the mudblood now?" I smirked with pleasure. Parkisnon squealed in anger but her hands slipped and she fell in the mud again. *This next idea was given to me by _HelloIAmTheDoctor_ who, I hope, won't mind that I used it* I started jumping in a circle around her, singing. "You've got mud on yo face! Ya big disgrace! I'm kickin' your can all over the place!" After a few rounds of that I got bored and started doing cartwheels on the grounds for no reason. Parkinson grabbed my legs out from under me on my third, and tried to hit me. I went all ninja again and rolled away from her and stood up before she could have said Lumos! She faced me and swung at my face. I grabbed her hand and kicked her in the stomach, doubling over in pain. I was only defending myself! "As I said, pug face, I'm kickin' your can al over the place," I said with dignity and walked gracefully away from her, Mione following me.


A/N: Sorry that this chapter sucks! I really just wanted everyone to understand that Alexia and Parkinson be enemies! Anyway, thanks for reading and I'm sorry that this chapter is as terrible as a flobberworm!

Later Lovelies!

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