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"Well, we know what he's guardin' *and who's after it, I added in my mind* so, maybe we should ask Hagrid about it. He's let a bunch slip already, we could probably get a bit more," I said guiltily during dinner. I felt bad about manipulating Hagrid, but the fate of everything is at stake if Quirrell gets that stone! Harry, Ron, and Mione nodded, looking just as guilty as I was.

"How are we going to get to Hagrid's? We can't go out past curfew!" Mione hissed. I rolled my eyes.

"Harry got an invisibility cloak for Christmas! We can use that," Ron resolved as he continued to eat like a pig.

"Hey, Ron," I smirked. He looked up at me. "Eatin' contest. Ready, set, go!" I said. I grabbed everything in reach, pretending to eat it, but actually dropping it down in my bag. I smeared stuff on my face to make it seem like I'm eating. Ron gave up after five minutes of nonstop eating.

"How are you not stuffed?" Ron asked as I slowly ate some pudding.

"Because I tricked you. I didn't eat anythin'," I shrugged, wiping the food off of my face. Ron glared at me. "I be part Slytherin, we can lie. Plus, I was really bored," I sighed. "Anyway, have a couple galleons!" Ron lit up as I handed him a few gold coins.

"Where'd you get them?" Harry asked.

"I'm a ninja! Parkinson should notice their missin' when she dies," I waved it off. Mione scolded me, Harry was impressed, and Ron was too focused on the money.


The curtains were drawn on Hagrid's house. That's weird. I could tell that Hagrid was doing something important. Don't ask how I know, because I couldn't give you an answer. Under the invisibility cloak, I felt a bit strange. Probably because I can turn invisible myself. Harry knocked on Hagrid's wooden door and waited. Hagrid opened the door, wearing a flowered apron and oven mitts. Strange. Ron took the cloak off of the four of us and Hagrid jumped. "Sahry, don' wish ter be rude, but I ain't in a fit state to enertayne terday," Hagrid said with a forced smile. He went to close the door, but we sopped him.

"We know about the Sorcerer's stone!" We chorused. Hagrid opened the door.

"Oh," he said in disappointment as he let us is. Harry then began to ramble on about Snape. I didn't want to say it's Quirrell because I didn't want another row. "Blimey, 'Arry! Yer not still on about him are ye?"

"We know he's after the stone, we just don't know why!" Harry argued.

"Correction, you think Snape is after the stone," I snapped. Harry ignored me.

"Snape is one a tha teachers protetin the stone! He ain't about to steal it," Hagrid grunted, pouring us tea. I just noticed the blazing fire. It was June for pete's sake! Hermione was sitting n Hagrid's gigantic chair, her feet barely reaching over the edge of the seat.

"Wait. One of the teachers? Of course! There are other things guarding the stone, aren't there? Spells, enchantments!" Hermione concluded. Hagrid nodded, but I already knew. Stupid Devil's snare! Luckily, Quirrell hasn't asked me about it since our 'detention'.

"Tha's right. Waist a time if ye ask me. Ain't nobody gonna get past Fluffy. Ain't a soul knows how! Scept me an Dumbledore," Hagrid said proudly. Quirrell knows! And so do I! "Shouldn't a told ye tha," Hagrid mumbled.

"I know how to get past him. He told me," I said. Hagrid just stared at me.

"Ye'll tell none what ye know," Hagrid ordered. I thought about it. Hagrid would end up telling us anyway.

"Course, Hagrid," I nodded. "Hagrid, why's the fire up?" Hagrid glanced at the black kettle that popping noises sounded from. He hurried over and reached inside the cauldron. He tossed the black rock like thing from hand to hand and set it down on the wooden table. I knew immediately what it was.

"Well, uh, tha is," Hagrid castes around for words that wouldn't tell what it actually was. A dragon.

"I know what that is! But, Hagrid, how'd you get one?" Ron stared at the black egg.

"Won it. Off a strange I met down the pub. Seems quite glad to be rid of it, matter a fact," Hagrid said in a caused voice as to why someone wouldn't want to keep a dragon. I won't lie, it'd be pretty cool to have my own dragon! The egg cracked and pieces flew everywhere. A tiny, green, slimy dragon with blue eyes and gold horns lay on the table now.

"Is that........a dragon?" Hermione questioned.

"No, Mione, it's a sack of slimy doorknobs," I said sarcastically as the little thing nipped at my fingers. I smiled as he slipped on the egg and walked towards Hagrid. Mione glared at me, but no one else noticed.

"That's a Norwegian ridgeback! They're really rare," Ron stared in awe. He went on an on about his brother in Romania.

"Hullo, Norbert," Hagrid said to the dragon. Norbert? Hmm, strange.

"Norbert?" Mione questioned.

"Well, he's gotta have a name, don e?" Hagrid answered. Norbert hiccoughed and set Hagrid's beard on fire! "Course he'll haf a be trained up a bit!" I felt like we were being watched and immediately put a bucket over Norbert.

"What did you do that for, Lex?" Harry asked curiously.

"Feel like we're bein' watched," I answered in a small voice. The first years casted their eyes around to the windows.

"Who's tha, then?" Hagrid grunted, looking out the window. I followed his gaze.

"Malfoy," Harry answered.

"Oh dear," Hagrid muttered.

"No dip!" I said as Malfoy raced back off to the castle. I lifted the tankard, told Hagrid bye, and bolted off after Malfoy.


"Dragons are illegal! What's worse? Malfoy knows," Ron told us once they caught up with me.

"I don't understand. Is that bad?" Harry asked Ron. Ron gulped, nodded, and looked fearfully at something. McGonnagle in her nightdress, candle in hand, and a dealthy cold stare fixed upon us. Uh-oh!

"Follow me. Mr. Malfoy, you didn't mention Princess Alexia was out of bed," McGonnagle commented, leading all five of us to her office.

"I didn't see her," Malfoy mumbled. I knew he was lying. McGonnagle gave an uncertain nod and shut the door behind us as we entered her dark office.

"Nothing, I repeat nothing, gives a student the right to wander the school at night!" McGonnagle reprimanded us. Harry, Ron, Mione and I nodded shamefully while Malfoy smirked in triumph. He does realize that she means him, too, right? "Each of you will loose 50 points."

"Fifty?!" Ron repeated. Idiot!

"Each!" she added. "All five of you will recieve detentions as well." We all smirked at Malfoy as he stepped up.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Professor, but I thought you said the five of us?" Malfoy questioned. McGonnagle explained that he was also up after hours so he was to participate in detention.


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