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Our detentions were handed out today. I was actually glad with the detntion, thinking it was with Hagrid because that was everyone else's, then I opened mine. It wasn't with Hagrid, as I had expected, but my detention was with Professor Quirrell! Why am I singled out?! WHY?!?!?!?!?!? "Oh, chiz," I muttered to myself at breakfast that day. None of my friends heard, for they were discussing how much fun their detention would be. Yeah, maybe for them. Quirrell is going to kill me! I lost my appetite after that. After breakfast I decided to talk to McGonnagle before class. I ran after her and knocked on her wooden door.

"Come in," her hoarse voice answered. I opened the door shlyly and stepped into her classroom. "Miss Cason, what can I do for you?" McGonnagle asked as she looked up from her lesson plans.

"Hello, Professor. Um, it's about my detention........." I trailed off awkwardly. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.McGonnagle quirked her eyebrows at me. "Why isn't my detention with Hagrid? Everyone else that was up with me have Hagrid, so why am I with Quirrell?"

"Professor Quirrell specifically requested you," McGonnagle explained. Aw chiz!

"Is there anyway you could switch my detention? I've had detention with him before and I ended up in the hospital win'!" I then realized that she'd ask about that, and I couldn't tell. "I was supposed to work wih that Komodo Dragon that he brought in, and...yeah............" I was hoping that this story was believable, but I knew it wasn't.

"I personally think that Professor Quirrell is one of the least frightening teachers here."

"Professor, please, please, please switch my detention! I - I'll take a giant shopping, I'll groom a centaur, I'll trick a goblin, anythin' but Quirrell," I begged. McGonnagle grimaced at me.

"These detentions are for your punishment, not your convience. Your detention is with Professor Quirrell!"

"But -" I tried.

"Take your seat," She cut me off as the class began to file in. I am so dead! I stomped over to my seat and sat down next to Harry.

"What was that about?" Harry whispered as we opened our transfiguration books.

"Can't say," I answered as a silent tear ran down my face. One of my favorite teachers is angry with me, I can't tell my best friend, he won't believe the truth, and some idiot is going to murder me later. Worst day ever!


Detention"Bye, guys," I said feebly as I waved to my three best friends. They waved back sadly as they were whisked away by Filch. I sighed and walked to Quirrell's office. Halfway there, I ran into Snape. I know that he desn't trust Quirrell. "Professor Snape!" I ran over to him. Snape likes me, but I do occasionally get on his nerves.

"Yes, Cason?" He asked as he stopped in his tracks.

"I can't explain, but it's really important! I need you to stand outside of Quirrell's office as I serve my detention!" I explained hurriedly. Snape stared down at me like I was insane. "Please! I wantt to explain, but I can't," I begged. Snape, finally understanding that I was afraid, nodded and followed me to Quirrell's office. Snape stood right outside of the wooden door as I walked in, leaving the door open a crack. Quirrell noticed that it was me and he pointed to a chair. I sat down shakily.

"Afternoon, Cason," He sneered, fingering his wand. I nodded, a small whimper escaping my lips. "Now, I shall ask you again. How do you get past that wretched plant?!" Quirrell was in my face now. People were right, he smelled awful!

"I really don't know!" I said in a fearful, glancing at the door.

"SSSSSShe liessssssssss," That weird voice hissed. "Tell me!" Quirrell stood up and pointed his wand at me. I bit my lip and shook my head, fear apparent in my purple eyes. My hair was a terrified purple as well. "Cruc-!" Quirrell began, wand to me. Snape opened the door and muttered a spell that took Quirrell's wand. "You told him!" Quirrell pointed at me. I jumped out of the chair and scurried to get his wand.

"Wrong. I told him to wait outside the door," I smirked as I pointed his own wand at him.

"Your friends, I'll kill them!" Quirrell was laughing like a madman.

"You'd have done that anyway!" I snarled. "Stupefy!" Quirrell was out like a light, strangely managing to lad on his face. I dropped the wand and hugged the potion maser. "Thank you! Thanks you, sir!" I whimpered. He was shocked, so I stepped back. "Sorry," I looked at the ground. "I've got detention to serve!" I said happily and ran out of the office. I didn't know where to go, but my feet did. They steered me directly into the Dark Forest! That's weird. For breaking a rule, up after curfew, we get to break two as our punishment, dark forest/up after curfew? Sounds like Dumbledore!

My feet stopped moving once I reached a clearing. I saw Malfoy, Hagrid's dog Fang, and Harry! "If I didn't know better, Draco, I'd say you were scared," I heard Harry say.

"Scared, Potter?" Draco scoffed.

"Hey, Hare!" I skipped beside him. They both jumped. "I think you're both scared," I giggled. They noticed it was me and relaxed.

"Don't do that, Lex!" Harry chuckled. Malfoy was just giving me googly eyes.

"We all know that I'm a sexy pickle, but please keep your eyes to yourself. Otherwise, I'm goin' to become a sexy banana and peel out," I laughed. Draco flushed and Harry was laughing with me.


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