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Season 2 of The Flash is about to premiere on The CW in a few weeks, and like usual, I want to talk about some characters that should appear this season.

Some characters I have listed could also appear on Arrow Season 4.

NOTE: This article will contain spoilers from the entire first season of The Flash and Seasons 1-3 of Arrow, so if you haven't watched them yet, or are still finishing them, I suggest you leave... You've been warned.

3. Bruce Wayne - Batman

We all know about the newspaper from April 25, 2024 which is now only 8 years away. In the comics and movies it doesn't say exactly when Bruce became Batman, everything has it at a different age. In Batman Begins he returns to Gotham when he's 29, and turns 30 before Ra's burns down his mansion. In Batman: Year One, he's 25. So let's say he becomes Batman around his early-to-mid-20's. Barry Allen, in the show, is 25. Now, I haven't read too many Flash comics, but, I'm assuming Batman is older than The Flash, meaning Bruce Wayne is already Batman in Gotham, in the Arrow-Flash universe. It'll cost an arm and both legs for The CW to get Batman on the show, but maybe an appearance as Bruce Wayne could happen? Also, it shows: "WAYNE TECH/QUEEN INC. MERGER COMPLETE," assuming Oliver Queen gets his company back or creates a new one, maybe him and Bruce could have a meeting over drinks and dinner? But, that would have to happen on Arrow, not The Flash - I just want a Bruce Wayne appearance, dammit! I don't care how it happens.

2. Clark Kent - Superman

Clark Kent is the more likely one we'll see on The Flash, instead of Bruce Wayne. Mostly because The CW already had a series centered around Clark Kent for 10 seasons. This one could work for a couple of reasons:

  • Superman is in the new Supergirl TV series on CBS and CBS owns The CW and I'm sure, secretly, that Supergirl is in the Arrow-Flash universe considering it's another Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg developed show.
  • The Flash and Superman, along with Batman, are founding members of the Justice League. But, Superman was actually the one who formed the Justice League and the Justice League was technically mentioned by Gideon in The Flash:
Gideon: Barry Allen. Director of Central City Police, CSI Division.
Barry: Director?
Cisco: I guess you get a promotion.
Gideon: Also known as The Flash. Founding member of..
Barry: What are you?

So, if the Justice League already exists in 2024, than I'm sure Superman exists now. Also, who wouldn't want to see an epic Superman vs The Flash race?

1. Dick Grayson - Nightwing

"I want a Bruce Wayne appearance, dammit!" may sound like my favorite superhero is Batman, but it's not. I love Nightwing! I got into comics only two years ago, and Nightwing Vol. 1: Traps and Trapezes was the very first comic I bought, of course in a trade form. After reading that, I went out and bought Vol. 2 and fell in love with Nightwing, buying as much as I could, even the original comics from the '90's, including his four-issue mini series. Blüdhaven has been mentioned four times on Arrow and we've also seen it once. The Flash is in the Arrow universe, so Nightwing could pop up on either show. Whether he goes to Star City or Central City, or The Flash or Arrow go to Blüdhaven, Nightwing is a character that would make more sense appearing on Arrow with how dark his past is, just like Oliver's.

Between Nightwing, Superman and Batman, Nightwing seems like the most likely one to pop up. I don't think DC/WB want Batman and Superman on TV. But, don't rule out the possibility of seeing Batman and Superman, along with Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern. The Flash, after all, can time-travel. Maybe a trip to 2024 might happen this season for just a one-off type of episode? Maybe.

Do you agree with my list? Who would you like to see on The Flash and/or Arrow this year?

Some honorable mentions are:

  • Hal Jordan - Green Lantern: He could appear on Arrow, which he's being teased a lot on as of late and Ferris Air has been shown many times on The Flash, beginning in the premiere episode.
  • Arthur Curry - Aquaman: Yesterday I watched a deleted scene from The Flash pilot. In the scene, Joe talks about Barry looking for a man who can speak to fish. People are saying that's a little Aquaman Easter egg.
  • Joker: Well, because he's the Joker and that would be freakin' awesome!

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 6 at 8/7c on The CW.


Who would you like to see appear on CW?


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