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Earlier today, Harry, Ron, and Mione had managed to trick Hagrid into telling how to get past Fluffy. Just as I knew they would. Anyway, I stood outside of the Gryffindor Common Room waiting for them so we could go through the trapdoor. According to Harry, Snape would go through tonight because Dumbledore was absent. I heard a thunk and was joined by the faint figures of my three best friends. Why were they faint? They were under the invisibility cloak, but I could see them. I made myself invisible and followed them to the third floor. We didn't talk at all for fear of Peeves, or Mrs. Norris. As we reached the third floor who do we find? MY favorite poltergeist himself! He was floating about ten feet in the air. We shut the door to the corridor. He heard us. "Who's there? Is it ghoulie or ghostie or wee student beastie?" Peeves cackled. Why did he mention students instead of teachers? "Should tell Filch, I should! If something be a lurking about......unseen."

"Peeves! The bloody baron has his own reasons for being invisible!" Harry put on a hoarse, low voice. Peeves nearly feel out of the air! He did, however, drop a few feet. "Stay away from this place tonight, Peeves; I have business here!"

"O-Of course your bloodiness, your highness, Baron sir. Please excuse Ickle Peevesies little joke. Peeves didn't see you. Of course I didn't you're invisible," Peeves rambled on, frightened, as he flew away.

"Alohamora," Hermione pointed her wand out from under the cloak at the wooden door. The four of us stepped into Fluffy's room to fimd him, to my great horror, asleep! Fluffy snored, blowing the cloak off of my friends. I shut the door silently and made myself visible.

"Snape's already been here! He's put a spell on the harp," Harry pointed to a golden harp at the beast's feet. Sure enough, the strings were plucking themselves. "We have to move his paw."

"What?!" Ron hissed.

"Honestly, Ron, do you not speak English either?" I retrorted as I made my way to the dog. I pulled with Ron, while Harry and Mione pushed his giant paw. Harry went on a long speech about self sacrifice while I only rolled my adventurous green/red eyes. Strange combination, huh? Suddenly, the harp just stopped. "It's a bit too quiet, don't you think?" I pointed out, my voice wavering with nerves.

"The harp!" Mione gasped. "It's stopped playing." Oh chiz! There was a low growl, followed by two others. I turned to my right to see Fluffy's right head slobbering on Ron's shoulder.

"It's good to hear your voice," I sang. "I hope you're doin' fine." Fluffy cut me off.

Why did you betray me?!

"Fluffy, I - I didn't! I swear! The bad man is lookin' for the stone, and we're tryin' to stop him," I responded.

I don't remember seeing Quirrell!

"You wouldn't. He put you to sleep," I responded. This conversation was going on while Harry, Ron, and Mione screamed and jumped into the mile deep hole that leads to Devil's snare. "Sorry, Fluffy!" I called and jumped down myself. I landed with a thud and the plants immediately wrapped around me, just like I knew they would.

"We're lucky this plant thing is here, really," Ron commented stupidly. I mentally face palmed.

"No, we aren't!" I hissed. They now noticed the plant coil itself around their arms and legs. Harry, Ron, and Mione struggled. Mione, noticing the plant, stopped.

"Lex, can't you make it let us go?" Harry asked, trying to tear the vines from his legs.

"Oh, I don't know, Harry. It's not like I already thought of that," I said with massive sarcasm. "If I tried I would end up stranglin' us!" I hissed. Ron said that the snare already had that covered.

"Stop moving!" Hermione ordered. "If you don't, it'll only kill you faster!" Bad choice of words, Mione! Very bad choice of words.

"Kill us faster?!" Ron repeated indignantly. "Now I can relax!" He continued to tear at the snare, making it wrap around his throat. Hermione smirked and relaxed. She immediately went under the plant.

"HERMIONE!" Ron and Harry screeched. I rolled my eyes and let my mind wander. The plant moved slowly under me, making a small hole. Instead of allowing me to fall, like Hermione had done, the snare gently laid me down on the concrete floor under the plant. "ALEX!" They shouted, more panicked than before, if that was even possible.

"We're fine! Just do what I said, and trust us!" Hermione pleaded as I looked around for any sign of Quirrell. Harry fell through the vines a moment after I had concluded that he left no sign. I rushed over to my friend.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I pulled him to his feet. He nodded which let me breathe. I only just noticed that Mione and Harry weren't wearing their robes like they had been earlier. Harry was wearing a red sweater and jeans, Mione wore a blue and pink sweater with jeans, I don't know about Ron, and I was wearing a dark blue sweater and short shorts over black leggings.

"HARRY!!!!!!!!!" Ron wailed, obviously not heeding Hermione's warning.

"He's not relaxing, is he?" Mione asked anxiously.

"No duh!" I responded, wracking my brain for any spell that could help him. Mione began to fan herself, something she only does when she's stressing over her studies.

"What do we do?" Harry asked. Mione was pacing now.

"Devil's snare. Devil's snare. It's deadly fun......" She recited, forgetting the rest.

"Something about the sun?" I offered hopefully. Mione lit up. I guess I was right!

"It will sulk in the sun! You're brilliant, Alexia! Devil's snare hates sunlight!" Mione exclaimed as she pulled her wand from her waist band. "Lumos solem," she cast. A burst of white light shot from her wand to under where Ron was. He screamed and fell onto the concrete floor.

"You're an idiot," I said as I helped him up. He was in his Weasley sweater again and jeans.

"Lucky we didn't panic," Ron lied as he straightened his sweater. I face palmed while shaking my head. He is an idiot! Harry gave him a look that said You seriously want to say that?

"Lucky Hermione pays attention in Herbology," Harry said. I smirked as Ron went red and Mione beamed. This is gonna be fun! Death defying, sure, but fun!


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