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There was a fluttering sound to our right. We turned to find a huge wooden door with a wrought iron handle. Ron opened the door cautiously, waiting for something to attack him. I was expecting that too. Although, we were pleasantly surprised to find a room with gold and silver birds. Wait a second. They're going to attack us aren't they? "Strange, I've never seen birds like this before," Mione said in awe as we entered the room and looked above. The birds were........abnormal, to say the least. Their wings sounded like metal, as did they as they clinked against one another.

"They're not birds," Harry marveled. "They're keys!" He gasped in amazment. I was quite amazed as well, but - then again - I keep forgetting that in Hogwarts amazing things will happen. I almost facepalmed at my own stupidity. Of course they are keys! How I didn't notice is beyond me. "Do you think they'd attack us if we crossed the room?" He wondered aloud.

"Most likely," Ron and I answered in synch. We looked at eachother and started laughing. Why? I have no clue. "I'll go. Who knows? They might not even attack me," I shrugged. I began to walk further into the room, but Harry threw his arm in front of me.

"I'll go," he said. I rolled my eyes.

"You do realize, Harry, that your self sacrificin' has become a rather large ego problem. But, if you insist, go on," I said in a falsely sweet voice. Is it wrong to want to jack slap your best friend because he thinks he has to take on all of life's troubles? It is wrong? In that case; I don't want to be right! Harry flushed. "How 'bout we both go?" I suggested. Harry nodded and covered his head with his arms. I rolled my eyes, called him an idiot under my breath, and walked across the room. Harry was running as if a missile were chasing him. We got to the door at the same time, nothing attacking us. Harry took his arms down. "You're an idiot. You know that," I joked.

"Come on," Mione told Ron as they followed after us. The door was enchanted. So much so that even Mione's alohamora charm, combined with me slashing it with water, couldn't open it or even leave any trace of ever being there. There were three broomsticks, Cleansweep 11s to be exact, in the middle of the room. I'm taking charge here.

"Okay. So, obviously we need to find a certain key in all that mess. You three take the broomsticks and look for a silver one. I'll stay down here and wait for one of you to give me the key. Harry and Ron are great fliers and you, Mione, know how to fly," I instructed. They nodded and walked over to the brooms. Harry suddeny stopped just before grasping the broom, causing the other two to halt as well.

"What is it, Harry?" Ron asked. Harry had a solemn look on his face.

"It's too simple," He answered. I agreed. The teachers wouldn't go through all the trouble of setting this up if they made it that simple.

"They'll probably attack us once we're in the air. No worries, though, if Snape could catch it so can we!" Hermione reasoned. I agreed with that as well. Harry nodded and the three grasped their brooms in synch. The keys immediately stopped and turned, as if the trio had set off a magnet. Harry swung his leg over the broom, Ron next, then Hermione and they all took off after the silver key with a broken wing. I just noticed it. A majority of the keys attacked the trion, but about ten circled me. I was scratched and poked and prodded and beaten with metal wings. Ouch. Harry was giving the other two instructions, but the beating of metal on metal was so loud in my ears that I couldn't begin to hear him. Hermione charged the key from the left, Ron from the right, and Harry from below. He had instructed them to corner it!

"Catch the key!" Harry bellowed through the noise as he thew the key down to me. I jumped through my attackers, getting hit on the head by three, and grasped it. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were flying in random places to keep a majority of the keys away from me. My locket pulsed and a ring of fire burst from around me, causing the keys to drop to the floor. Only the ones that were attacking me, though. The silver key in my hand squeaked and writhed, much like an upset child. II did my best to ignore it as I shoved the key into the lock of the wooden door. I threw the object into the air and pushed the door open. Harry, Ron, and Mione followed me through, and I shut the door just before I would have been impaled by like three hundred gold and bronze keys.

"You did call it," I told Harry as the trio dismounted their ancient brooms. The room we were in now was cold, dimly lit, and had an eerie feeling about it. The four of us took another step into the room and the torches caught fire on their own. There were statues along the edge of he black and white checkered board.

"We're in a grave yard," Mione guessed as she took in the broken marble that lined the walls.

"This is no graveyard," Ron said anxiously. He gulped. "It's a chessboard." Oh chiz! I'm good at chess, but Harry and Mione aren't. If they get taken, there's no mercy!

"There's the door," Harry pointed past the white pieces. Genious. He thinks that if we just waltz over there, the pieces are just going to drop their guard and let us pass! Pure genious. He's an idiot. The trio walked foreward, not being smart, and the white pawns pulled their swords. They crossed their swords, making a bit of a fence. When my friends backed up a few squares the swords found their way back in their original position. Once again; idiots.

"Did you lot really think it would be that easy?" A voice sneered. I followed the voice to find the familiar ginger seated atop of the white king's shoulders. Cherri.

"What're you doin' here, Cherri?" I asked venmously. Cherri laughed like a barking mad woman. Can I hit her?

"Some work for my father. Knew you lot would follow him here, he did. He doesn't want you to find him, so I waited for you here," She explained, twirling her wand in her fingers. I now noticed the facial smilarities of Quirrell and Cherri. I was ludicrous not to notice before! "I'm a bit of a chess master, if I say so myself." I wanted nothing more than to chuck one of these broken chess pieces at her and knock her off of her perch. And, yes, I knew that the drop was about fifty feet. "So, I'll let you four geniouses sort out a battle plan." Ron beckoned me over.

"Okay. So you two," Ron pointed to Harry and Hermione. "aren't very good at chess. No offence."

"We're not offended, just tell us what we need to do," Harry said in a low voice to keep Quirrilina from hearing. Yep, that's what I'm calling her now!

"Alright. So, there are four empty squares. Hermione, be the queen side castle. Harry, take the empy bishop square. Alex, me and you will have to be knights," Ron assigned. The three of us nodded ad went to our assigned locations. I jumped onto the back of the rearing black horse and held onto the stone reign.

"Now what?" Mione asked. Quirrilina laughed so hard she nearly fell.

"I thought a know-it-all like you would know, Granger! White always moves first! Then, the four of you can try - and ultimately fail - to beat me," She squealed. I glared at her, causing her black jeans to catch fire along with the hem of her white blouse. She screeched and put it out with a spell. Let's dance, b****!


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