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Ron ordered pieces around, taking as many white pieces as we had lost, when I noticed something. Harry was right in the way of the queen, but we couldn't move him because he was guarding the white queen's line to our king. I did the math in my head and figured out what had to be done. "Ron, you notice too don't you?" I asked from my horse. Ron nodded shakily, obviously looking for a way out. "You'll have to do the same in six," I said, only loud enough for him to hear. Ron's blue eyes darted around the board as his face screwed up in concentration. He paled as he noticed that we would both have to sacrifice ourselves in order to win.

"Ready, Alex?" Ron called.

"Ready," I answered definately. "Knight to F6," I said with a look of disgust towards the ravenclaw on the king's shoulders.The horse moved on its own, three up and two over. "Later, Hare," I said to him as I looked down. He put the pieces together and looked like I had just signed my own death wish. The crystal white queen turned to face Quirrilina, jerking her white head at me. The ginger looked at me with hatred, which was her own fault, and nodded.

"No mercy," She smirked. The queen nodded and turned to me.The ten foot tall piece moved over to my square. She lifted her solid white arm and hit me over the head while implaing my leg with her stone sword. I would have moved, but it would have been counted as cheating. I fell off the horse into the rubble of other shattered pieces while the queen knocked the head off my horse. She then stabbed the horse with her previously white washed sword, sending more rubble flying down at me.

"That's wizards chess, Ron," I said in a loopy voice before I was consumed by black.


"Check mate," I heard Harry say as I opened my eyes. The king dropped his sword, and the shock knocked Quirrilina from her perch. I reacted like the ninja I am and waved my hand from my spot on the floor. The ginger was suspended by water attached to her ankle, causing her to dangle upside-down. I know I said that I wanted her to fall, but some wishes shouldn't come true. Quirrilina stared at me, brown eyes wide.

"Why would you do that?" She asked as I gently sat her down on the ground while Mione and Harry went to check that Ron was still alive. He had been given mercy, but he's more frail than me.

"You nearly killed me, but I saved your life. Looks like you owe me your life............twice," I said and tried to stand. Tried and failed miserably. There was a full hole in my leg for pete's sake! I wrapped water around it, but only had enough to seal the hole. Death defying, I was right. I noticed that Ron wasn't breathing so I crawled over to him, adrenaline numbing the searing pain with each time my knee touched the ground. "You two go get the stone, I'll patch Ron up a bit here and meet up with you," I said to my friends.

"No way, Alex! You both need to get to the hospital wing!" Mione argued. I rolled my faint brown eyes.

"I'll be fine, Hermione," I said with a convincing tone. "You two go on and get the stone. I'll wake Ron up and join you," I shrugged. Harry opened his mouth to protest, but I beat him to it. "With or without your permission!" Harry looked defeated, but nodded all the same. "Good. Now, GO!" I hissed and pushed the two up from the floor. They nodded and ran into another room, leaving me, an unconcious Ron, and a vengful Quirrell. Oh joy!


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