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"Ugh! I have nothin' to work with here!" I groaned as I looked around the chess room. I couldn't think of any water spells and I had no water to work with!!

"It's not like you could do anything anyway. So, do us all a favor, and stop acting all bad***," Quirrilina sneered from behind me. Why couldn't I have let her drop? The rash part of my brain asked. Because I'm too good for that. Answered the reasonable part. I continued to have a mental battle as I turned to face the ginger.

"I'm not actin' bad***," I said venomously. "I am bad***!" A thought popped into my head about what I could do for Ron, but I knew it would be painful. Please numb the pain I thought as I stood up shakily. My leg felt asleep, but other than that I felt nothing. I began to run in place while concentrating on the blazing torches on the walls.

"What the heck are you doing?" The ginger asked disgustedly as she watched me. I ignored her and contined to run. I felt water on my face and smiled. I was sweating like a pig! I dropped back down next to Ron and swept my hand in front of my face, taking the water off. I had enough to heal Ron and tie Quirrilina to a white bishop. Ron was alright, but still unconcious so I deemed my work as done. Hermione came running back into the room with no Harry.

"Where's Harry?!" I asked frantically.

"He's alright. He went to get the stone. Go down two rooms and drink the tiny blue bottle," she basically read my mind.

"Thanks! Use a broom from the key place and fly out of here. Take Ron to the hospital wing and send a message to Dumbledore," I said in a hurry. Mione nodded and I bolted off, hating chess more with each step I took. I came to a room with a smelly troll, larger than the one from Halloween, with a bloody lump on his head. I was glad that I didn't have to fight that one! I breathed through my mouth as I crossed the room. Through the door I went. Inside was a square white room with a table with seven bottles on it. As I stepped in, purple flames erupted behind me while black ones appeared in the doorway ahead of me. I took the potion in the blue bottle as Mione had instructed and shivered. I felt like ice! At least my leg was frozen. I walked through the black flame to see Quirrell yelling at Harry who was looking in the mirror of erised.

"We are not alone," That weird voice hissed. Quirrell jumped and searched the room until his dead eyes landed on me. Aw chiz! "CASON!" Quirrell bellowed.

"Hello, Professor. What's up with your daughter? She's actin' more like you every day," I said casually as I limped down the steps and over to Harry. I heard Quirrell whisper something about the imperious curse. Of course! How did I not see it?!

"Tell me, Potter!" Quirrell bellowed, acting as if the exchange had never happened. Harry opened his mouth and closed it again, looking like a fish out of water.

"I - I'm shaking hands with Dumbledore," Harry said shakily. Merlin, Harry, if you're going to lie make it bloody believable! "I - I've won the house cup." There was another shout from Quirrell and the raspy voice was heard once more.

"I have ssssstrength enough for thisssss," the voice hissed. I hadn't heard what was said before those words though. Note to self; be more observative. Quirrell looked anxious as he unwrapped his turban. The long purple fabric fell to the floor and Quirrell's head looked undeniably small. He turned away from us slowly, creating a dramatic effect. Voldemort was on the back of his head! I always knew he was two-faced! Harry stepped on my foot and I looked at him. He pulled a red stone out of his pocket, just enough for me to see, and then dropped it back in. I moved my eyes toward the door, silenlty suggesting that we run for it. Harry nodded and we both ran back to the entrance, but Quirrell snapped his fingers and a wall of fire kept us from further advancment. "Hello, Harry Potter. Alexandra. Mr. Potter, don't you want to sssssee your mother and father again? Together, we can bring them back," Voldemort lied. No spell can reawaken the dead! "All I asssssk isssss for ssssomething in return. SSSSSSomething that, conviently enough, liesssss in your pocket," Voldemort continued. "There issss no good and evil. Only power and thosssse to weak to sssseek it, you two."

"YOU LIAR!" Harry and I bellowed in synch. Voldemort ordered our deaths, and Quirrell reacted just as fast as I did. I jumped out of the way just Quirrell launched himself at us. He got Harry though. The stone had fallen out of Harry's pocket and he tried to reach for it, but couldn't. I grasped it and and put it in my own pocket. I gathered all the strength I could and barreled (SP?) into Quirrell, landing with him strangling me as I tossed the stone to Harry. Harry came to my aid and pried Quirrell's hands off of my throat, where there would definitely be some brusing. Quirrell lunged at both of us before noticing that his hand was crumbling!


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