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(Time skip to arriving at the Dursley's)

"Thanks for the ride, Molly!" I beamed as I stepped out of the blue ford Aglia that had driven Harry and I back to Privet Drive.

"Anytime, Deary!" Molly smiled as Harry helped unload my trunk. Once we had retrieved our things, Molly drove off with a wave. Harry and I stared up at the two story brick house in front of us with horror etched on our faces. Returning from the great and homey castle of Hogwarts to this torture chamber was obviously horrifying! No more meals fit for royalty, no more magic, no more Ron or Mione, and no more freedom. For the next two months, we were prisoners. I know I sound overlydramatic, but you don't live here. You wouldn't understand.

"Ready?" I asked Harry shakily. I didn't want to walk through that door. I wanted more than anything to take Harry's Nimbus 2000 and fly to anywhere else!

"Ready," Harry answered defiantly as we took eachother's hands. We walked, regretting each step, and knocked on the wooden door of number four Privet Drive. Vernon opened the door quickly and yanked us inside before the neighbors could see us and or bulky luggage alonng with Harry's rambunctious owl. The house looked exactly the same. The same faint coffee stain on the rug, the same paint chipping in the same place, the same light shining as dimly as ever, and the same feeling of unwanted.

"Boy, Petunia wants you. Girl, you stay here," Vernon ordered gruffly. I gave Harry an encouraging look and he dragged his trunk with him to find his horrid aunt. I was shaking on the spot at what would befall me. I was close to saying The boy has a name! As does the girl you great git! but decided better of it. "You, little missy, better not get too comfortable here."

"Don't call me missy!" I protested. I hated that name. Why? It made me feel week and prissy.

I will call you what I wish!" Vernon hissed. I rolled my grey eyes at him. This welcome was just about as bad as I had imagined. "This house is only big enough for one freak. ONE! You are to leave in three hours." That's a bit worse than I'd expected.

"Where am I to go, crackpot?" I sneered. Vernon looked like he was trying very hard to not say To hell for all I care!

"Wherever it is you freaks go!" I wanted to spit on his shoes, something I've always wanted to do, and stalked off to where Harry had laid Hedwig in her cage. I pulled out a piece of parcment from my trunk, along with a quill, and wrote Dear Professor Dumbledore, Vernon and Petunia have kicked me out. Where am I to go? ~Princess Alexia. I tied the note to her leg after opening the cage. She hooted sadly, knowing what was going on, and affecionately nipped my fingers. I chuckled as a few silent tears rolled. I didn't have the heart to tell my best friend goodbye, and I would leave him wondering why I left. I would leave him alone with these horrid muggles while I went Merlin only knows where!

"See you at school, Harry," I whispered to nothing as I dragged my trunk behind me becak outside to the front yard to await Dumbledore's reply. However, I didn't expect to discover I had been waiting for Dumbledore himself!


Last chapter! What do you guys think? Are you upset this book is over or glad that I'll be moving on to the next one? I, for one, am glad to be moving on. I have so many things planned for next year! Want a sneak peak?

Sneak Peak:

"Daddy!" I ran into his room, sobbing my heart out. My father bolted over to me.

"What's wrong, Princess? I thought you were only doing your rounds?" Dad asked, concern etched all over his pale and worn face. I choked back my sobs just enough to be understood.

"I was, and I dropped my wand and she took it. She killed herself, Daddy! Jill killed herself!" I sobbed. Father hugged me tightly and I never wanted to let go, afraid that I might loose him again.

"Princess, that happens here everyday," Father told me. If he had expected this to cheer me up, he was far wrong. My hair turned black, cut at odd angles, and my eyes went grey as I wailed even more.

"Please *Sobs* tell me *Sob* you won't," I cried as I clung to father's uniform.

"I promise, Princess, but I think you should spen the remainder of the summer at Molly's. Dear, I think it'd be best," Dad consoled me. I sobbed, but nodded all the same. I loved Dad with all of my twelve year old heart, but the death of my friend - with my wand at that - was enough to make me want to leave.


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