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Yes. But apparently is not for your children are to watch. As read here,manual and carefully explained by Allanah Faherty another incredible Moviepilot writer, the new Muppets are probably not suited for children, then yet again, they are actually not doing anything that I would consider not appropriate for all ages.

Let's be clear, the "adult" things are only referenced, and will probably not impact the mind of a young child... a teenager maybe. But not an innocent child! Which I think is key. There are so many cartoons that I watched while growing up, that now that I have watched again in my 20s feel like a whole different narrative. Did my parents forbid me to watch them? No! They trusted my innocence as a shield against the dirty adult mind of comedic cartoon writers.

I feel the innocence of children will protect them against The Muppets, and I know the adults with an active sense of humor will find this new adaptation of the favorite characters reinvigorating. I know I have.

Here are the top points you have to love about The Muppets:

They are real people, with real problems, in a fictional reality.

The Muppets, acknowledges the existence of this characters as living beings, beings that are in our world, interviewing stars like Elizabeth Banks and having shows that in that reality might be even more popular than Jimmy Kimmel. I love that! Who wouldn't love to live in the world where your favorite cartoon characters are actually actors portraying a fictionalized version of them. I would love to hang out with them! The Muppets gives you that.

A parade of celebrities in every episode.

If you are looking to see your favorite stars in television every week, then you have to watch this show. The first episode included guest appearances of a variety of actors, that are playing ... well, them. But some are also playing co-stars to our favorite muppets. Such as Fozzy's girlfriend (who changed from Sheldon's assistant in TBBT to another girl you'll recognize from the industry). What's not to love about that?

Miss Piggy will have haters, and lovers.

After the first episode is not difficult to see a bit of the true feeling of Miss Piggy, even when putting a strong face and keeping it together as only a diva can. Piggy is hurt about the events with Kermit (I will deny I wrote this if Miss Piggy asks me!).

But the show must go on, and Miss Piggy will continue to be as she is, a strong, independent, non-taking-s* from anyone kind of female. And you have to admire her for that. Yes, she is a little selfish, a has a huge attitude problem. But she does have a big heart and she show it by loving Kermit, sadly, that heart is now broken. And I think The Muppets can do a great show by sharing with us how Miss Piggy heals and gets over Kermit, or what would be my preference, back with Kermit.

Overall The Muppets will make you feel a bit nostalgic and a lot entertained. You may not laugh at every joke, but you still will find yourself smiling at the end of the episode.


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