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About 11 years ago I rushed into the theater, toddler in tow and watched a little boy running across water and giggled deviously when he realized he was actually doing it. I was late to the viewing of The Incredibles and after seeing the second half of the film, I decided that I was going to fork up another $9 and see the first half.

A several times played DVD later, I wondered if the ending of The Incredibles was going to be honored with a sequel. Brad Bird, the director of the Pixar animated film would often shrug off questions about a sequel. However, how could we believe there wouldn't be?

The Incredibles concluded with the entire family putting on their super hero masks, and getting ready to kick butt. Let's not forget the end credits/DVD extra of Jack Jack Attack. The viewer was finally able to see all the babysitter went through while watching the seemingly harmless baby. It is only after this hilarious short that we see why she readily handed the child over to the villainous Syndrome toward the end of the film.

Now that the sequel is coming out I can only hope that they expound upon Jack Jacks abilities. I can't wait to see just how much Dash can do now that some time passed and he has realized his capabilities. Will the aging Mr. Incredible once again fall victim to his own ego? Will Violet master the balance between teen life and that of a super hero? Will Edna Mode finally get Jack Jack in her snazzy super hero costume design? Oh the questions!

Thankfully, the movie gods have answered my prayers and I'm sure answers to our questions will follow. Cheers to The Incredibles. Welcome back!


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