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In this episode of Fear the Walking Dead, we see Obama health gone a muck and Nick’s drug habits wins him an all expense paid extraction to the Army’s "Special" rehab program. No, not really. It's been nine days since the Army rolled up to the neighborhood and quickly post high wire fencing and routine drive by check patrols. It’s a lottery winner’s dream come true, what could be finer? But, come on, this is the Fear the Walking Dead, people. Something has to be wrong with this lifestyle, right?

Rooftop memories as Chris see a shimmering light.
Rooftop memories as Chris see a shimmering light.

Chris, Cliff’s son, spends most of his days on rooftops video recording the afternoon. He sees something and it’s not an alien ship over Los Angeles. A reflection of light from a window convinces there's someone outside the perimeter signaling for help, fails to persuade anyone but one. Meantime, Nick is enjoying an afternoon swim, surprises his mother, Madison with his cold turkey will power from drug addiction. Could he finally see the light and quit the habit? Well hold that off for now.

Now Alicia and Daniel’s daughter, Ofelia, played by Mercedes Mason, now friends, decides to pick up the daily rations from the Army’s supply truck, but Ofelia has found something else she’s wanting to taste, a cute Army soldier. She waste no time doing some off-road kissing. Is this what they mean by Army strong?

Now back to Nick. He manages to discover one of Liza Ortiz’s, patient is using Morphine to ease the pain and helps himself a little drain in the vein to keep up with appearances. Elsewhere, Cliff’s neighbors is having a mental breakdown and jeopardize his stay at the camp. Cliff’s good standings with the Army general manages to resolved the issue until he hears that his neighbor has disappeared.

Madison wanting to know more about Chris’s shimmering light video clip, manages to cut through the fence to investigate it. With the smell of death in the air, Madison is horrified seeing people dead from gunshot wounds. Later that evening, Daniel’s wife, Griselda is being transferred out to a medical facility along with a surprised Nick whose name on the list and not Daniel. Everyone is outraged, but soldiers calm the situation down with their combat assault rifles pointed at their faces and leave. Liza makes the decision to accompany the evack truck in hopes of finding more about this secret medical triage.

I have to say the pace of the show has slowed down again. I am having a hard time of believing Cliff Manawa is romantically involved with Madison Clark. Any man seeing their partner with an adult son having drug addiction issues, would pack and leave - especially during the fall of modern civilization. Though the show leaves some curiosity as Chris mysterious shimmering light and the MIA neighbor. I'm also intrigue with Cliff's rooftop episode ending. As he sits witnesses the sights and sounds of gunfire from a distance building. Could it be Nick’s and Griselda’s demise?

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