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Okay, so many of you guys have stopped by to look at whether a public school is better than a private school, or if it is reversed around. There are thousands of public schools across the United States; but, there are a lot of things within each school that may stop your child, or you—if you're a student—from learning.

Although the public schools are by far cheaper to the average American—which averages around $32,000 in work every year—they aren't the best! Public schools have a 57% chance of a student commiting suicide. Sounds a lot harsh! Yes, but it's true! Though your child may not say something about being bullied, or cyber bulling, but they may just be getting bullied and who knows what goes on in their head?!

Most of public schools band phones—K through 8th grade— all over their premises, but FAIL to prevent cyber bullying and regular bullying; as well as, having police officers, high security sections, and tons of teachers everywhere! There could be 3 teachers in a room and students could be passing notes or making fun of a kid. Not to mention, sports! A lot of kids are bullied and very discouraged through these things!

On the other hand, a Christian private school, has Chapel and speakers speaking either once or more times a week. With having to be interviewed and then be accepted, a private school is harder to get into. Let alone the high price to pay for your child's(or children) education. But is it worth it? Keep reading and you'll find out!

With having a smaller class—from anywhere from 10 to 18 kids per grade—your child will have a higher chance of focusing and concentrating on the material in class! Don't forget the more 1 v. 1 from teachers to students. On the sports side, your child will be protected with God because of the praying done by your classmates and your teachers—which is also allowed.

Being saved by the Lord Jesus and having the Holy Spirit inside of you transforms your heart and transforms your life. Spend more time reading a Bible—whether it's on your phone or if you have a real one—spend time in God's Word! Take some time out of your day, and have some "thinking time", pray, plan things, etc. This will allow you to plan ahead and calm yourself. Another good point, is that it's God's creation, so studying his creation is important to knowing God himself!

Lastly, students that attend a private Christian school has a higher average SAT and ACT scores, which is crucial to getting into a good college! Studies from scientists has proved this.

So next time you think about sending your child, children, or future children, think about sending them to a private Christian school; trust me, it's all worth it!


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