ByJuliana Pelaez, writer at
When you look at a show you have to think what might happen in this. Will it be good?
Juliana Pelaez

For a fan of, "The Walking Dead" series, this show has started out with the best ratings to the worst. It had the beginning ratings of around 10 million people. But, it wasn't getting to the point of watching this show. As you first see it shows the main characters mostly doing there everyday life's and you wonder where are the zombies? For all the following episodes they do show zombies here and there, but not as good enough as The Walking Dead does. With this in mind, if none of the characters from the Walking Dead will appear on the show, what connects these two together. If you remember from the first season there were multiple families among the first group. But, they soon went off on their own and never reappeared on screen. So, what does Fear The Walking Dead have in mind? The Walking Dead is soon returning in October to premiere their show and many people will probably be asking the questions of what's happening in the show and Fear the Walking Dead? Will they continue trying to make up a story-line to try to reel back in viewers? Or will they just give up and let The Walking Dead take in what we already know? Well we'll all just have to wait and see..


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