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The movie will be about Clark's Cousin Kara from Kryton that was on the same path to earth. To make sure her cousin is safe. But on the way to earth her shit got off track. She got trapped on a different place on earth. After a few years her ship got resurrected from a flash flood and at that point Kal El is all grown up. He hears about a person like him flying around scaring people. So he take it into his own hands to find the truth from her. He ends up fighting her and eventually getting her to calm down.

She tells him I'm looking for a little boy called Kal El her cousin. At that point he tells her that is my name. She says that's impossible he would be a little boy then she looks at his chest and recognizes the Elbem of El. She looks all confused when he looks at her. So he take her to the farm and ask her what exactly happened before Kryton explored. After she explained what happened it made more sense to Clark. He told her what he's been through since he's been on earth especially the tragedy of General Zod trying to take over. Then he tells her what he's been doing to make things better on earth for the people to give them hope. He ask her what are you paining on doing now that you are on earth. So then she ex plain I don't know. He suggests to learn how to control your powers. Because with great power comes great responsibility and get a job where I work until I can explain to the government what happen with you.

Soon after she got settled in things started happening around the world. Somehow The Phantom Zone opened up and phantoms have been coming through. Clark decides to take on the phantoms he realizes that there is too many of them. He knows he can beat them one on one. But he doesn't want anymore death by his hand. So he decides he has to go to his cousin for help and get some information from her. She tells him there is a crystal in her ship that can send them back. So they team up against them to take them down. So after that they thought they were finished.

At that point something started happening. So Clark and Kara go check it out. When Kara notices it she says it can't be. Clark says to Kara what. So Kara explains to Clark there is this creature that is so destructive that nothing can stop it. Kara said she heard it from the family. So the battle begins

The military tried to stop it nothing works.

earth Keep the Phantom Zone and about phantoms escaping that zone. Every single one of them is super powered when they find a host to survive. Then they do destruction on earth. The man of steel has to be able to defeat them all individually. But the Man of Steel didn't realize it's going to be harder than he thought to send them back to the phantom zone. So he


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