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I enjoy watching Venturiantale, Supernatural, Doctor who, Sherlock and many others

Disclaimer: All rights go to Venturiantale a youtuber please go look him up to know more.

It all started just a few years ago. There was a younge family, the Caskets, despite their name they were a normal family. They had a son named Gregory who they loved dearly. One day they got a sad message Jennifer Casket little Gregory's grandmother had passed away, leaving only a house to them. The family decided to move especially since Gregory was so younge and was most likely not to attached to the old house. The Caskets made the move. Jenifer had left a mansion in decent shape if there was damage it was nothing Mr. Casket couldn't fix up.

One day Mrs. Casket died and Mr. Casket got scared he couldn't raise a child on his own so he abandoned Gregory when he was only 5. A malicious spirit saw the child and decided to play with the child's mind.

"Gwegory," The spirit said taking the shape of a cardboard box and the voice of a child.

"Who are you?" Gregory asked.

"I am your fwiend. I am your Cardboard box fwiend." It said.

Gregory had made a life changing descision. A very bad life changing descision he decided to befriend the malevolent spirit. He believed in the spirit which gave it life. It feed off the poor child's mind until one day Gregory stopped. The child tried to get away running and hidding. During this time the child's mind snapped. Have you ever heard of Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD. Some believe it doesn't exist well in this universe it does because poor little Gregory obtained it.

If you want to hear more just comment. Or you could just see it yourself by looking up in Youtube Cardboad box friend Venturiantale. Thanks for reading. -NM


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