ByNikki Morgan, writer at
I enjoy watching Venturiantale, Supernatural, Doctor who, Sherlock and many others

There once was a little bearded Dragon named Pepi Alfredo he loved to go on lots of adventures with his friend until one day he was separated from them.

'What's going on?' Pepi wondered. The giant claw had reached in and grabbed him, no matter how hard he tried to escape.

"Help." He called to his friend but there was nothing they could do. There was lots of giants standing around. He knew he had to escape. He tried to squiggle and bite but he was to small. They started hissing at him.

"Ehsw erfept." They hissed but he couldn't understand a word.

Suddenly he was moved to a knew container it was way to small. He could barley move. There was lots of weird sights and smells, but he couldn't think because it was way to cold.

The next thing he knew he was sitting in a swinging thing in a warm sun once again. The Giants from before were on a risen ground making weird hissing noises at eachother. Pepi knew this was going to be a lot different then before.


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