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After the hit Netflix Series Daredevil, and the upcoming Luke Cage and Jessica Jones shows, Marvel fans eagerly await news regarding the subsequent Iron Fist series. Those who follow the show closely may have noticed that the iMDB page for the series lists actor Ethan Arkin in the titular role.

Ethan Arkin
Ethan Arkin

If you look at Arkin's filmography on the site, he is listed as Danny Rand/Iron Fist on the Defenders page. He is also listed to appear in the Iron Fist series. Is this confirmation that Marvel has found a lead actor for the show?

While it has been speculated that Ryan Phillippe will be in the role of Iron Fist, we have yet to receive a confirmation from Marvel.

What do you guys think?


Would you like to see Ethan Arkin portray the Iron Fist?


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