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Online multiplayer isn't really my thing as a gamer. I love disappearing into the wilds of an engrossing offline RPG, I love tactically taking out my enemies in Metal Gear Solid, and I have the frequent desire from some crazy JRPGs. But somehow the PS4 has managed to get me addicted to two fantastic indie titles this year that have demanded I play them online: Helldivers and Rocket League.

However, the worse thing about both of these games is their exclusivity. XBOX One owners have unfortunately been neglected the opportunity to engage with two of the years best gaming examples of value for money. It probably won't happen with Helldivers - however, Psyonix have stated that they are seriously looking in to bringing Rocket League to the Xbox One.

Rocket League
Rocket League

Should The Xbox One Get Rocket League?

Jeremy Dunham stated, "The number one reason we're only on PlayStation and PC is because the team is small." Understandable. No one predicted that Rocket League would become the incredible international sensation that it is. Its become an E-sport in no time at all and thanks to it being free on the Playstation store one month, it has enjoyed more players than its servers could physically handle! It's one of the most addictive, simple, and enjoyable games I've engaged with this generation. I've stopped playing AAA titles in the middle of a mission in order to play a few matches of Rocket League and it needs to make its way into the hands of Xbox One owners! Need to see why?

Amazing Rocket League Videos Courtesy of Reddit: Goals, Saves & Incredible Flights!

The Rocket League Reddit page is an absolute gold mine for the remarkable feats that gamers have managed to achieve. Like this incredibly close save, this beautiful tennis serve, this remarkable use of another player, and this sensational save-turned-goal. There are very few games that can match the feeling of badassery that Rocket League elicits. And when you learn how to achieve an aerial shot - there's no greater sense of satisfaction!

Head on over to the Rocket League sub-Reddit and be sure to check out some of the remarkable moves players have pulled off. There's no release date in sight for the Xbox One, but with all of the attention that Psyonix's fantastic game has garnered, we can be sure to see it soon! Let us know what you think of Rocket League in the comments below and if you have any impressive shots to show be sure to include them!


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