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This week sees the release of The Green Inferno, Eli Roth's South American Deliverance, which is sure to satiate theatergoers' bloodlust. Watch the trailer below:

In a recent Ask Me Anything, the director revealed that the movie's on-screen horror almost became a reality for one unfortunate cast member, who had a near-death experience during filming.

Q: What was the most challenging scene you've ever had to film?

Lorenza Izzo
Lorenza Izzo
A: Inferno was so hard only because we were in this remote village in the amazon. It was 5 hours of travel every day, going in land rovers and then up the river 90 minutes. The day we threw Lorenza Izzo in the river was hard because we found a location that was washed away when we went back to film it. So we found a rock she could cling to but it almost pulled her under and she almost drowned. that sort of thing happened a lot. It was actually really scary.

And the drama didn't stop there. Roth also confessed that filming was interrupted by an enraged group of Missionaries who attempted to sabotage the shoot.

Q: Hey Eli, do you have any crazy stories you can tell us from the set of The Green Inferno?

A: I tried to answer this but it didn't post so I will try again. The first day of shooting in the village was the big arrival scene. All the kids were tied up in canoes and we had hundreds of villagers painted and ready to kill. And we have heads on sticks and dead bodies all over. And as I yell action two boats full of Missionaries showed up. They were certain that Satan had come to the village and freaked out.
Then the villagers said "It's not Satan, Eli Roth is here making a horror film." They were so angry I had beaten them they started disrupting the filming by playing music. The village told them to come back when we were done. It was surreal. I of course tried to film it all but the villagers told me I had to back down, that it was a serious situation so we barely have footage of it.

No stranger to near-death experiences himself, the horror maestro almost succumbed to an out of control fire on the set of Inglourious Basterds...

Q: How many takes did you have to do before you got the perfect crazed/happy look on your face when you were shooting Hitler?

A: One. I was almost burned to death during that scene. It was horrific. The theater was supposed to be 500 degrees and the fire was gonna stay 15 feet away but they never tested it with the seats and flags and soon it was 2,000 degrees. The swastika melting and dropping was not planned. Another 15 seconds and we would have been toast.

It's a good job for the horror genre that he survived!

The Green inferno hits screens on September 25, 2015

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