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We've all seen our favorite Disney leading ladies re-imagined as realistic, curvier women, but what of their second halves?

Thankfully, the team over at BuzzFeed are ahead of the game, coming up with Disney Princes with realistic body shapes and body hair just like the average man.

Let's take a look at some of the before-and-after images:

1. Aladdin goes from being Agrabah's main muscle man to skinny, awkward street urchin

With nipples, might I add. Because y'know, most humans have them...

2. Prince Charming scraps the slim-fitting tunic for a more realistic garment

I doubt Aurora is into men who wear corsets.

3. In a real jungle, Tarzan wouldn't have ample opportunities to shave

A hairier, bearded version may be more unkept but let's face it, we still would.

4. Beast's belly wouldn't have put Belle off

She loves him for who he is, doesn't she?

5. Considering Prince Eric has a first-class chef at his palace, I'm not surprised he's piling on the pounds

Because honestly, who can say no to another delicious helping of perfectly seasoned crab?

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