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Everyone lost their mind yesterday over the photoshopped image of Christina Ricci as Morticia Addams and, incase you missed it, lets just take a moment to bask in the darkness once more.

After finishing my article yesterday about the epic (but sadly fake) image, i started daydreaming about who could play the family if there ever was a reboot planned. Now I know that there is a cartoon remake in the pipeline, but who would be a perfect fit for the spooky family in a live-action reboot?

See if you agree with my fan-cast choices.

Gomez Addams - Jean Dujardin

Are you seeing double? To the left is Raul Julia who played Gomez in the 1991 version of the movie and to the right is the star of The Artist, Jean Dujardin. The actors look like long lost twins in their movie roles.

Morticia Addams - Angelina Jolie

As guilty as I feel replacing Anjelica Huston, lets not forget that before this actress, there was Carolyn Jones. I think Angelina could be a fantastic choice for a reboot.

Granny Addams - Helena Bonham Carter

Helena has the hair nailed already, I could really imagine her as Granny Addams.

Margaret Alford: Marcia Cross

I think the Desperate Housewives star could bring some elements of ''Bree'' to the show if she was cast as Margaret.

Uncle Fester Addams - Danny Devito

Danny Devito is just hilarious and I think he could really nail the part of Uncle Fester.

Lurch - Ian Mckellen

Ian is just an incredible actor and it'd be fun to see him take on the role of the gloomy butler, Lurch.

Wednesday Addams - Nikki Hahn

This young actress already shares a similar wardrobe as Wednesday! You may recognise Nikki as Jenny Reynolds from American Horror Story.

Pugsley Addams - Jared Gilmore

It would be fun to see the child star from Once Upon a Time taking on the role of Pugsley. I wonder how Jared would fare if Wednesday tried to play one of her favourite games, 'is there a God?' with him.

Cousin It - Dana Carvey

Alright, so Cousin It could be pretty much anyone. But, the character is funny and I could totally see comedian Dana, aka Garth from Wayne's World bringing the character to life.

If you don't agree with my fan-casting and have a different suggestion, drop it in the comments below!


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