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Sporting a close buzz-cut, camouflaged long sleeved t-shirt and a worrisome expression, Daniel Radcliffe has revealed a new look for his upcoming role in Imperium that could not be further away from his impish Harry Potter days. Long gone is that wild quiff and bushy beard and even those stately brows have been subjected to a good old fashioned trim.

Without further ado, here's the first look at Radcliffe as Nate Foster, an undercover FBI agent who infiltrates a group of white supremacists...

Imperium, which began production this week, is actually based on the experiences of Michael German, a former FBI agent who spent years undercover working with neo-Nazi militants across the United States. German co-wrote the film alongside Daniel Ragussis, who makes his directorial debut with this thriller.

The look has taken Daniel Radcliffe in an entirely new direction, so hopefully Imperium is an opportunity for the British actor to mirror the makeover and show an entirely new side to himself. Plus, as the cast list has yet to be revealed, it's entirely possible that Raders could end up being the biggest name within the production.

Daniel Radcliffe will next appear opposite James McAvoy as Igor in Paul McGuigan's Victor Frankenstein, this November.

Here's the trailer:

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Source: EW


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