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Now, when you think about surveys and polling data, odds are your initial response is to picture graphs on election day, or commercials insisting that 9/10 dentists prefer a certain kind of dog food. Sometimes, though, a poll arises that taps into something a little more primal - and a little more black and white - than dentistry or politics. A poll with the potential to change the way we think about the very nature of our society, and alter the way we act within it. A poll that could, if it tried hard enough, clean up Gotham City single-handed, like some sort of Dark Knight.

A poll, perhaps, like the one recently performed by Yahoo Research, which attempts to answer a burning question nobody had previously thought to ask:

Do iPhone and Android Users Prefer Batman or Superman?

That's right, Yahoo surveyed 1000 iPhone and Android users, and asked them whether they preferred Batman or Superman.

Overall, 37% said that they preferred the Man of Steel, with only 25% opting for the Dark Knight - but the intriguing part? iPhone users noticeably preferred Superman, while Android-ers leaned more towards Batman.

So, if you're reading this on an iPhone or an Android device, it might be time to start asking yourself some pretty serious questions about your likely loyalty when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters next year.

The even more interesting revelation, though?

It Turns Out That the Batman/Superman Dichotomy Might Be Way Off Base

Y'see, while we traditionally see Bats and Supes as the twin figureheads of DC comic book fandom - as ably demonstrated by the pair's presence in the title of the aforementioned Dawn of Justice - it turns out that might actually be a pretty outdated notion.

The reason? 26% of those polled - more than opted for Batman - selected Wonder Woman as their DC superhero of choice.

Which means it might officially be time to give her a whole lot more respect (though it's presumably too late to change the film's title to Batman v Superman v Wonder Woman), especially with Gal Gadot's performance looking more and more badass with every glimpse...

What's More, There's More!

The Batman v Superman v Wonder Woman debate wasn't, after all, the only thing that Yahoo took a look at.

We now know, for instance, that while over half of those polled chose Star Wars as the greatest sci-fi series of all time (beating out Star Trek with 20%), there were a greater number of 'Wars fans using iPhones, and 'Trek supporters using Android.

Similarly, we now know that Android users have a slightly stronger preference for cats than iPhone fans, iPhone users have a stronger love of wine, and that more iPhone users would, were they granted superpowers, use their newfound abilities to fight crime (while more Android-ers would use theirs to tackle evil dictators).

The Only Problem With All of That?

Well, y'see, there's the small matter of the margin of error - which, at 4.5%, might just render the entire polling exercise a little bit...redundant.

The problem being that an overwhelming majority of those results were within that 4.5% margin of error - meaning they could just as easily tell us that iPhone and Android users actually agree on pretty much everything, as opposed to having subtly different opinions.

The big question, then, is this:


Do you think our cellphone choices are in any way related to our cultural preferences?



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