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Over the last few years, Game of Thrones has arguably been one of the most talked about shows in the entertainment industry, often for its controversial treatment of sensitive issues such as violence and sex, but also because ultimately, it's one of the best series to grace our small screens for years.

And the latter was definitely set in stone when it made history by scooping up the most awards of any series in one year - a whopping 12 from 24 nominations this year!

And whilst the cast and crew celebrated the colossal extent of their winnings, Entertainment Weekly managed to catch up with Dan Weiss and David Benioff at HBO's post-Emmy party to discuss how they felt about this year's Emmy wins. Benioff gushed:

Dan [Weiss] and I have been [working on the show] eight years now, back to that first meeting with George [R.R. Martin] at The Palm right by here on Santa Monica Blvd. To have George sitting right in front of us, to have it happen on his birthday, to break the record for most Emmys … the whole night’s been surreal and so much more than we expected or could have hoped for. It’s just really, really fun.

"We never set out to offend anyone"

Yet, despite the tremendous haul and winning awards for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama, what of the gratuitous sex scenes, misogyny and brutality - all things that are associated with the screen adaptation of George R.R. Martin's book series?

As you well know, the most recent season of Game of Thrones stirred up more controversy than any previous season. With scenes like Cersei's traumatizing walk of shame causing a right ruckus amongst fans:

Yet, interestingly, the minds behind the show only had this to say:

We never set out to offend anyone. To try to offend anyone would be juvenile, but to be afraid to offend people would be cowardly. There were people saying they were never going to watch again. We’re just trying to tell the story the best we can. This means a lot, it’s a very nice feeling.

Which leads me to ask one question... Do you believe them?



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