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Rob Harris

Hollywood's painfully stylish film noir era - characterized by arresting images of silhouettes engulfed in mist, femme fatales seducing with a wave of their lipstick, and a whisper of smoke wafting from the barrel of a gun - is seeing a modern revival through fan art.

These incredibly talented artists have taken inspiration from the works of Howard Hawks, Fritz Lang and Otto Preminger, importing their minimalist styles into some rather familiar franchises. The results are simply awe-inspiring...

Star Wars Noir series by Dean Reeves

Bat-Noir series by Henrik Sahlstrom

Feline Fatale

Clown Prince

Hardboiled Trickster

Superhero Noir series by Marko Manev

Sentinental of Liberty

God of Monochrome

Avenger In the Shadows

Black and White Beast

Washed Out Webslinger

The Dark Knight's Night

Transformers Noir by Marco D'Alfonso

Hellboy Noir by M-Milburn

Hey Marlowe! by Dustin Decker


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