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Although Paul Walker's glittering acting career will be best remembered for his heartfelt contribution to action-packed Fast & Furious franchise, we know that the man himself had a sensitive side.

A loving father and committed ocean activist, Paul Walker was as gentle and kind as he was brave and strong - and this would have made the role we never got to see him play all the more beautiful.

Paul Walker: a loving spirit
Paul Walker: a loving spirit

Paul was set to star in an adaptation of expert tear-inducer Nicholas Sparks novel The Best of Me; a heart-wrenching story about an honest oil-rigger rediscovering his love for his high school sweetheart through tragedy and abuse.

Here's a tribute to Paul's lost role from a Facebook fan page.

Novelist Nicholas Sparks honored Paul with the following grief-stricken statement:

I send my deepest sympathy to Paul Walker’s family, all those close to him, and the legion of his fans. I am certainly one of those fans, and was thrilled at the possibility of working with him on The Best of Me. His passing is a huge loss for all who respected him for his charitable efforts, and loved watching him on screen.

It's tough to watch the trailer for The Best of Me and imagine all that could have been, had Paul lived to realize this emotional project.

The Best of Me was released October 17, 2014 and the cast involved were very respectful of Paul Walker's memory. Replacement lead star James Marsden spoke lovingly of Paul to US Weekly:

All I can say about that is he is just one of those tremendous actors that was even that much more special of a human being.

There was a wonderful energy about him and he was a terrific actor. You always want to be good stepping into a role like this but [it] felt a little bit more of an honor to play this role because of him.

RIP, Paul Walker. You would have been great in this movie, like you were in so many others.


Would you have liked to see Paul Walker in 'The Best of Me'?

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