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There are some games that you play to beat, some that you play to enjoy, and others that you just play because... well, because they're there! Day four of our is one to revist again and again, and for me, that means mindless gameplay.

Hint: I'm the one on the right
Hint: I'm the one on the right

This game is an absolute classic, one that has been around for over thirty years, and that has gone through numerous "revamps". It's completely addictive, but takes very little actual thinking: the perfect game to zone out for a few hours. Or days. This is also probably the only game I mention in this challenge that I play a current version of, which has got to mean something!


Sometimes, you just need to turn off the grey matter and sink into a trance for a while. Some people meditate, some people work out... and I fit brightly colored digital shapes together. Hey, it works!

It seems simple (it is simple) but there are myriad strategies and techniques for playing. This has become such a skill that there are even Tetris Masters who can work at a speed that seems almost inhuman. (Watch the clip below if you think I'm exaggerating!)

Newer versions of the game include variations such as timed games where the aim is the highest score (rather than the longest time), and involve special blocks that create different effects when cleared. Players can compete against others online, play one-on-one battles, and join tournaments. With each new incarnation of the game, it seems that we find yet another way to play.

It's also iconic. Tetris, and its incredibly recognizable music, will remain forever in the gaming hall of fame, and I will remain faithful to it whenever I've got some time to kill and a desire to turn off my brain for the duration.


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