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As we reach the end of the , it's time to go back to the beginning with a game that deserves a re-release/reboot.

This is a tough one. Primarily because I am such a lover of vintage games, and there are few of these that haven't already been redone! Game companies, much like movie studios, love reboots because it's a whole lot easier than coming up with a brand new concept, and there's a ready-made fan base just waiting to hand over their hard-earned dollars.

However, there is one game that I would like to see re-released, and for a very specific reason.

Duck Hunt

I'm not going to suggest that this is a brilliant game, or a difficult one. But it's essentially the granddaddy of first person shooters (except that your gun is an actual plastic gun, and it's still far less violent), and I want to indulge in some good ol' fashioned nostalgia playing.

Yes, Duck Hunt has actually been re-released, sort of. In 2014, Nintendo came out with a Virtual Console version of the classic for Wii U, so a whole new generation of gamers could enjoy being laughed at by a dog when they miss.

However, I want a different kind of Duck Hunt re-release. Specifically, I want someone to come up with one of those plastic orange-and-grey guns that works on a flat screen TV. As anyone who is still clinging to their original NES knows, the original hardware only works with a cathode-ray tube set. (Kids, that's one of those TVs that looks like it's got a giant plastic box stuck on the back. Ask your parents.)

Which means that now, if I want to hunt me some 8-bit ducks, I need to do it with a sleek little Wii remote, which is nowhere near as satisfying. While I recognize that the idea of creating a gun that works with both the original system and a flatscreen is unreasonable, creating a little orange WiiGun isn't.

It may be silly, it may be creating something for nostalgia's sake, but hey, it's a re-launch! Isn't that the point?

Next Week, New Challenge! Keep reading next week as I embark on the , and if you decide to do any of these challenges, post your entries in the comments!


Would you buy a retro Duck Hunt Gun For Wii?


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