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Recently Marvel released to the world who would be on Team Iron Man and Team Captain America for the upcoming blockbuster [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). With the release of these teams, confusion was sparked among some regarding one aspect of the teams. That was? That Hawkeye was seen sporting a freshly added Ant-Man on his shoulder on Team Cap's roster, while his best friend and fellow super spy Black Widow, was seen looking ravishing as ever on the opposing team. To all this may seem like a bit of a stupid move on the part of marvel due to her close relationship with both men, but in hindsight it exactly what they need, and the storyline makes sense that this would be the Case.

First of all here are each team and its combatants.....

Team Cap: Captain America, Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes), Hawkeye, Falcon, Ant-Man and Agent Carter.

Team Iron Man: Iron Man, War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and The Vision.

Of course there are more additions such as your friendly neighborhood Marvel Universe Spiderman, as well as MIA Avenger Scarlett Witch, but the focus of this article is not about them instead focusing the resident Archer and Assassin.

Why are they on opposite teams?

The first reason would obviously be different points of view. Widow beleive a registration act ins in order where Hawkeye believe people have the right to choose whether or not people know of their gifts. The reasons for Widow Completely Stem from Civil war. She was forced to upload SHEILD (AKA Hydra) secrets all over the internet in order to save many lives from the mass infiltration. Included in those files were secrets that pertained to her life. Secrets that would show her as a monster and anything but a hero. Due to this she may be on Team Tony out of spit. Instead of Sympathizing with them she feels that if she was forced to reveal her dark side that all should as well.

Another possibility is that when her identity was revealed , the worlds opinion of her was unchanged, she still saved New York and she still fought in the Age of Ultron giving giving her a false sense of trust i the people of the world. This trust would then compel her to believe that nothing bad would happen to any enhanced beings hence forth making her view on registering all but minor, joining team Iron man to stop Cap from blowing it out of proportion.

As good as these possibilities are there is two more that could make a lot more sense or could even be connected. The first would be she, as always, isa double Agent Aligning with Iron mans team for in-tell only, giving Cap and his Team of now fugitives a fighting chance. The other would be because of a Member of Team Cap, The Winter Soldier.

The Winter soldier is in fact Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers (caps) closest friend who defended him before he became the first Avenger. Presumed Dead and now going by The name "Winter Soldier" he was brainwashed by Hydra to carry out Dirty work for the organisation, with his memories slowly returning he has quickly allied himself with his bestie leaving Widow to now play second fiddle. As well as this there would be lack of trust on whether or not he still was not brainwashed and working for Hydra, it wasn't to long ago that he sabotaged one of widows missions, shooting her, all while returning to kill her friend and mentor Nick fury, all while shooting her again! Being a spy and seasoned assassin Widow already has lack of trust because she has been on the other end of the stick or even been the one you cannot trust.

This would fit in with the Double agent theory as it could just be her cover story to buy her way into team Iron man with no one possibly suspecting her of a thing.

All in all things are exactly where they are meant to be for the Teams and with so many incredible new additions Captain America Civil War is going to be one of the highlights of the year!!!


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