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Though it's far in the future, Transformers 5 is a hot topic right now, as Paramount have recently put together a writers room to come up with a plethora of ideas to fuel the franchise for years to come. And with plot details for Transformers 5 being bounced around and debunked, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what the movie will be about. But we might have an idea of one of the spinoffs that Paramount is considering even beyond the next film in the Transformers Franchise!

Age Of Transformers

Assembling a team of TV and movie scribes, Paramount have taken a leaf out of Disney's book to ensure they can make the most of the movie, TV, and marketing opportunities that Transformers gives them.

Transformers certainly is a lucrative franchise: with TV shows and animated movies dating back to the 80s, this toy-turned-movie making machine doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon. And Paramount are betting that it won't. So enter the writers' room, intended to "expand the mythology" and come up with marketable pitches for movies and potential new television shows. As Daredevil's Steven DeKnight explains,

"It was just a room full of brilliant, funny, amazing people. And we spent two and a half weeks in physically the best writers room I've ever seen in my life. Paramount pulled out all the stops. It was phenomenal! We laughed and joked and told stories and plotted out."

Steven DeKnight recently left Daredevil after his time as showrunner saw the show rise to popularity. His writing talents could only help the Transformers franchise, and with oscar winner Akira Goldsman also penning the script, we're sure that this new writing team will make Transformers 5 better than ever! Goldsman also gushed about the writers' room..

"We’ve got a work space that is beautifully production designed to be immersive with a strong sense of the franchise history. We will look at the toys, the TV shows, the merchandise, everything that has been generated by Hasbro, from popular to forgotten iterations, and establish a mythological time line. It has been designed with a lot of visual help, toys, robots, sketches and writers and artists. After that super saturation, the writers will figure out not one, but numerous films that will extend the universe."

So it seems like Paramount are ready to chuck out as many Transformers films as they can muster, so what's all this about a prequel?

Transformers One

There are plenty of ideas floating around the writers room, but there is one proposal that really stands out: the tentatively titled Transformers One. This spinoff idea has been passed around the Paramount offices for a while now: it hit the internet before Age Of Extinction even had a release date, but according to IGN, Paramount do seem to be considering the idea again.

Cybertron concept art
Cybertron concept art

Transformers One could well solve a problem that has been facing Paramount for a while now. Fans have been eager to see a movie set entirely in space, focusing on the Transformers without all those pesky human sidekicks. They also want to see the war on Cybertron, and a plot that would give some information on the ultimate creators: the Quintessons. With Optimus Prime going off to find his creators at the end of Age Of Extinction, now seems to be the perfect time to consider such a prequel, though whether this would come before or after Transformers 5 remains to be seen.

However, the idea of a movie with no human protagonists does make Paramount a bit unsure: last year IGN revealed that yes, this idea had been discussed and subsequently abandoned because of overwhelming concerns.

"We've debated whether we should ever shoot anything in space or not, and I don't think we've come to that conclusion. We want our humans with us. So going to space might force an all-Transformers movie, and while I think some fans would love that, I think other fans would be disappointed they don't have humans."

Transformers One as a prequel that would be released concurrently with Transformers 5 may solve this tricky issue, but you'll have to stay tuned to find out if Paramount will go for it!

So what do you think: would a Cybertron prequel be a good idea? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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