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It's one of those sequels that people have been waiting for for years, and after being in the pipeline since 2008, we will finally get Zoolander 2 on February 12th 2016. With sequels flooding the film market right now you'd think Zoolander 2 would be just another Hollywood gimmick, but after a nifty announcement at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson proved that this film will transpose the boundaries of fact and fiction to deliver a hilarious sequel worthy of the cult classic original.

There's plenty to be excited about: the core cast are returning (including Will Ferrell's Mugatu) along with a host of celebrities including Kristen Wiig and Penelope Cruz. So why is going to be even better than the original? Cruz offered her thoughts on the matter recently, and it's easy to see why she has so much confidence in the project.

Too Cool For School

Penelope Cruz's role in Zoolander 2 is unknown, but her inclusion in the cast makes a lot of sense: she's strikingly beautiful, very talented, and has fabulous comic timing.

Cruz will be a great foil to Derek and Hansel, and we can't wait to see the characters spark off each other. And neither can she! The actress recently shared her feelings about Zoolander 2, and what she had to say only increased our excitement.

"I had a great time. For all of the fans of the first one, I can tell them, I’m almost 100% sure, no I’m 100% sure, that this is going to be even better! It’s really funny. It’s hilarious."

The first film really is hard to beat, with its one-liners that are oh-so quotable and a plot that entertains from start to finish. And with millions of people doing their own versions of the Blue Steel pout for selfies, it seems like now could not be a better time for the sequel to be released.

In fact, for guys that couldn't really work out how files could exist within a computer, Hansel and Derek have come a long way and have already got to grips with the most important advent of technology...

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hot right now

It looks like Zoolander 2 is all set to drag the story into the present, as the two supermodels deal with the world forgetting them in favour of younger celebrities.

Hard At Work

Penelope Cruz also gushed about her co-stars, assuring fans that Ben Stiller is committed to producing something amazing.

"Ben is such a hard worker and so talented, and you know to be there everyday with Ben and Owen, I laughed a lot. And Ben is very serious when he’s working, but he forgets that he’s wearing these absurd outfits when he’s directing me. I laughed a lot."

It's no secret that this film is a bit of a personal project for Ben Stiller: he's been plugging away at the script for a few years now, and wanted to wait until it was absolutely perfect before they started shooting.

Strike a pose
Strike a pose

Back in 2008, he expressed his aim to make Zoolander 2 the best it could be...

"I’ve been trying to get Zoolander 2 together and we’ve had a few scripts. I feel that is the sequel I really would like to do some day because I like the original and I would make sure it was something new and worthy of it first."

And so far it looks pretty awesome! Check out the trailer below, and prepare to have your mind boggled by the existential questions it poses...

Forget Star Wars 7, Zoolander 2 (or Zoolander II, or 2oolander) is clearly the biggest upcoming film release. Better start practicing your Blue Steel!


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