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Of the Daniel Craig era of 007 films, the majority of viewers tend to rate Quantum Of Solace the least, stating that its lack of story and character is the main issue, rounding it out as a rather mediocre film. However, out of all of Daniel Craig's Bond films and the entire 007 franchise, I rate Quantum Of Solace as one of the absolute best Bonds, up there with From Russia With Love, For Your Eyes Only and Goldeneye, other personal favourites.

Continuing straight on from the moment Bond shoots Mr. White in the leg and reveals his identity, Quantum Of Solace perfectly continues onwards from Casino Royale delivering action by the tonne and closing off the answers from Craig's first 007 outing. With Vesper dead and the only lead escaped, Bond must track down and eliminate the mysterious Quantum organisation who are after the world's most precious resource. Teaming up with the feisty Camille Montes who has an agenda of her own, 007 must make his way through deceit and treachery hunting down those responsible. I think the story is excellent, it's almost a straight up revenge flick with a darker tone for Bond and it works. Marc Forster's direction is excellent, the film flows by with style and pizazz, and who would've thought that fast cut action sequences would suit a Bond movie? Well they certainly do, the opening is one of the most gripping car chases I've ever seen.

Hand to hand combat sequences truly hit hard, the 12A rating feels like the boundaries are being pushed and it's fitting and intense to see Bond unleash angst and violence more brutally. The boat chase is pure 007 action, a roaring soundtrack accompanied by carnage and some beautifully captured shots. The finale in the hotel 'Perla De Las Dunas' ends the film with a megaton of bangs and strong tension, and the cinematography is gorgeous, the screen glossed over with burnt oranges and scorched yellows.

Daniel Craig gives his best performance as Bond, this time more of a renegade and a loose cannon, and I like that, it provides 'M' with a mission of her own trying to control her own agent, and Judi Dench is on fine form yet again. Olga Kurylenko is by far the finest Bond girl since Ursula Andress, starring as Camille Montes who joins up with Bond going after the ruthless Dominic Greene played by Mathieu Amalric whose suitably sinister performances stirs suspicion. Kurylenko displays a lot of conviction and desperation, and with her scolding looks and sass, her character Camille is definitely one of the most memorable. Gemma Arteron too has a smaller role but damn she steals the screen as Agent Fields, who plays off the chemistry very well with Craig.

I can't praise this film any further. It has the most memorable soundtrack to ever grace a 007 film, breakneck pace, a darker tone with some surprising violence and fast story that is still entertaining after at least 20 viewings.


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